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May 17, 2013

Arizona: Reactions to first all mail-in ballot

California: California's health exchange to serve as voter registration hub | Bill to allow out-of-state voting for emergency workers approved by Senate | Election result may be unknown for weeks after election

Colorado: Ballot images from 2009 election online for public inspection | Gessler evaluating run for governor in 2014

Connecticut: Recount yields same result | More people voting

Georgia: Newborn, Porterdale seek to make voting easier for residents

Idaho: Test of Ada County's elections equipment goes well

Illinois: Possible law to increase voting opportunities for 17-year-olds

Indiana: County hears vote center ideas

Louisiana: St. Tammany registrar of voters relocates office

Maryland: County might take over Ocean City election | Takoma Park may not be last city to grant teens right to vote

Minnesota: Judges hear arguments in voting rights case | Proposal would tweak voter intent guidelines

Nevada: Extended voter registration clears Senate panel

New Jersey: Provisional ballots will reveal Verona's winner

New York: Voting machine firm says it can prevent disaster during city's election | Herkimer County opposes early voting proposal | Supervisors oppose bills for early voting | Support for single, rotating voting site

Ohio: Elections chief: 'Anomalies' call Fairfield County's ability to run own elections into question | Fairfield County elections board chastised | In-state tuition for students registering to vote in Ohio?

Oregon: County officials across Oregon say automatic voter registration bill is too complicated

Pennsylvania: County takes measures to avoid election problems | Simpson Voting House reopens for elections with 'Keystone of Democracy' designation

South Carolina: County prepares to seek new elections director | SC tries to catch up with other states in military-friendly legislation

Texas: Election administrator submits resignation