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May 22, 2013

National News: Obama announces his election commission team | Study: Election officials are biased against Latino voters | Obama announces members of election commission

Alabama: Alabama State to host voting rights center | Theodore voting center to stay at school despite residents' please to move it | Ex-Justice Dept. lawyer talks dead voters, Alabama voter fraud in Mobile speech

Arizona: State official: Yuma leading the way with voting centers

Colorado: County facing $129,705 shortfall from new election laws, Morse recalls | El Paso County clerk says Colorado's new election law will be costly

Connecticut: Montville registrars may lose health benefits

Florida: Scott signs bill extending early voting | Scott signs elections bill to fix long voter lines

Illinois: Oak Park looking for new early voting location

Kentucky: Obama to appoint Grayson to election panel

Maine: Early voting amendment clears first Senate hurdle

Massachusetts: No preliminary election in Worcester

Michigan: Michigan official named to president's elections commission

Mississippi: State gathers voter ID information

Nevada: County elections chief to serve on presidential panel to streamline voting

New York: Democrats seek open bidding on voting machine storage lease | Machine breakdown slows balloting

North Carolina: Appeals court tosses last part of suit against Forsyth elections director

Ohio: Local meeting allows residents to weigh in on early voting

Pennsylvania: On ballot, Hazleton City council changed into bureau | Hanover polling site sees temporary voting machine outage | Technical problems with voting machines leave voters upset | Short lines, long ballots greet primary voters in Lackawanna County | Voter ID still undecided in Pa. | The policy on voter ID | Missing box delays city polling place | Some Kingsport voters showing up at wrong precinct | Lancaster County officials relocate polling place while police lock down park | Technical difficulties cause election night havoc | No issues, few voters reported at Bucks County polls | Power outage in Berks affects one polling place, 1,000 customers | Judge refuses to stop Wilkinsburg mayoral election | Election materials stolen from Hazleton precinct | After 40 years at the polls, Warrington woman says it's time to slow down 

South Carolina: Richland delays payment of legal fees, again

Texas: Some military in combat could vote electronically

Utah: Utah GOP weighs next step in election reforms

Virginia: Lynchburg rally aims to spark voting-rights push

Wisconsin: How close is too close for election observers? | GAB agrees to ask lawmakers for absentee voting rule changes