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May 23, 2013

National News: Study: If you are a Latino, you may not get help from election officials

Alabama: Low turnout for election that cost nearly $40K

Arizona: Analysis: Impact of early voting list plan distributed

California: LA vote count not slow, elections chief says, discounting complaints

Colorado: Giron recall election dips to $207K

Florida: New law prompts elections office changes

Georgia: 2 investigates: Uncounted votes

Idaho: Voters given wrong ballots in Middleton race

Indiana: Boone County clerk announced proposed vote center locations

Michigan: Fenton on the search for new city clerk

Minnesota: Election law changes get thumbs-up from Ritchie | Absentee voting bill passes

Nevada: Miller accused of disclosure violation

New Jersey: Election info on new county website

New York: North Syracuse voters faced challenges in casting their ballots | Good government groups oppose return to lever voting machines

Ohio: Student voting bill may not make it to budget | Husted set to discuss investigation into voter fraud | Judge orders Dems to allow ballot review | Board of elections will recount St. Mary's votes

Pennsylvania: Rotunda was place to be election night after county site crashes | Technical difficulties cause election havoc | Hazelton, area voters encounter variety of issues | How mac-n-cheese and water ice caused a small voting war in Philly | Upgrades eyed to avoid election night outages| Close election contests get Friday recount | Voters can petition for new election in Hazleton area race | Blair County beginning vote review on Friday | Historical polling place serving voters again at new site in Derry

Tennessee: Election commission prepares for Walmart vote

Texas: Harris County clerk initiative provides students real voting experience

Utah: West Jordan to conduct voting by mail

Virginia: City, county officials look over voting machine options

Wisconsin: Election officials seek absentee voting rule changes