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May 24, 2013

Alaska: Voter cast ballots in Alaska and another state during November election | Potential Alaska voter case under review

Arizona: Early voting proves popular in city election | Maricopa County official picked for presidential elections commission

California: California launches innovative plan to expand voter registration| Assembly passes several election-related bills | San Bernardino, Riverside counties prepared to say not request to handle recall | Bill to allow noncitizens to serve as poll workers among several approved

Colorado: Gessler repays taxpayers for trip to RNC

Connecticut: Bill expands absentee voting for overseas military

Florida: Secretary of state praises new election law | No more hurdles for runoff election in North Miami

Georgia: Fulton County gets new elections chief | Fulton County's new elections chief says he wants more early voting sites and transparency

Guam: Over 4,600 voters purged

Iowa: E-pollbooks making voting easier

Kentucky: Voting rights of former felons a hot topic in Kentucky

Massachusetts: Retiring Barnstable clerk has see many changes over 20 years

Minnesota: Tweaking ranked-choice voting: Minneapolis considering three changes | Ranked choice, but how many?

Mississippi: Hosemann hoping for voter ID success | Hattiesburg candidate wants June 4 election stopped | Battle ensues over Bolton election

Nevada: Miller calls GOP suit a political 'smear' to derail bills

New Hampshire: Senate removes student IDs as indisputable ID for voting

New Jersey: Union County clerk extends office hours for last-minute ballots | Hillsborough students will have school on election day | Vernon pays bill for ballot mistake

New York: NYC BOE considering ex-Staten Island commissioner for top job | Judge dismisses contempt charge against elections commissioner

North Carolina: Craven elections director resigns

Ohio: Ohio voter fraud relatively low | Fraud just a tiny blip of 2012 vote | Investigations recommend 135 cases from November election for prosecution for voter fraud | New voter address guidelines expel PO boxes | State order recount

Pennsylvania: Judge grants preservation of votes in Pittston area race | Coin flip to decide township race | Director: Ballot errors are elections bureau's fault | Upgrades eyed to avoid election outages | Sleepy challenges of a poll worker

Rhode Island: Hassett throws support in secretary of state race to Pacheco