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June 18, 2013

National News: Ted Cruz amendment would allow voter ID | Voting rights groups get high court win as bigger case looms | Cruz to introduce voter ID amendment to counteract Supreme Court ruling

Alabama: Probate judge: Removing voting rights section would be detrimental | Federal officials to monitor election in Evergreen

Arizona: Supreme Court strikes down Ariz. voter registration restrictions | Arizona to keep requiring citizenship proof on state voter forms | Justices block law requiring proof-of-citizenship | Supreme Court overturns Ariz. voter ID law | New voter hopes registration gets easier | Federal voter registration form preempts Arizona's Prop. 200 | Bennett vows to push for voter proof-of-citizenship despite court ruling | Supreme Court ruling cheered by voting-rights advocates | Local leaders want Ariz. to reinstate denied federal voter forms

Arkansas: Boston named county election coordinator

California: Solano County holds public event to demonstrate new election equipment

Colorado: Colorado rebuffed voter ID laws like those struck down in Arizona

Florida: Supervisor of elections budget drops 10 percent

Georgia: State leaders react to Supreme Court decision on voter ID's | Ruling on voter citizenship proof ensnares Ga. law | North Fulton readies for elections

Iowa: Atlas can carry some of the poll workers' work

Kansas: Supreme Court ruling on voter ID could affect Kansas law | Kobach thinks Kansas voting law unaffected by Supreme Court ruling

Massachusetts: A presence at the polls

Minnesota: Most states have both early and no-excuse absentee balloting, but not Minnesota | Ranked choice voting looms large as Minneapolis Dems fail to endorse candidate | Red Wing encounters voting issues for elderly, infirm

Mississippi: Hosemann: Arizona voter ID ruling has no effect on pending Miss. law

New Hampshire: Voter ID talks break down at State House, no compromise expected on changes to 2012 law | Second phase of voter ID law about to go into effect

New Jersey: Lawyers: Gov. overreaches with election scheduling | Senate committee approves bill to move election to October

New York: Voter ID laws unlikely to change in NY, according to elections officials | Thiele: Voter pre-registration makes it easier for youth to exercise their right to vote

Ohio: Cuyahoga County BOE to remove 38K from voter registration database | Grant may yield handicap improvements in Dillonvale

Oklahoma: Oklahoma voter registration law survives U.S. Supreme Court decision

Pennsylvania: Why Pa. voter ID law probably won't be affected by Supreme Court ruling | Schuylkill County Court won't decide Hazleton Area case | Legislature approves bill for military electronic absentee ballots

Rhode Island: Compromise sought on Rhode Island's voter ID law

Texas: Commissioners to revisit countywide vote centers | ETX elections administrator weighs in on Supreme Court ruling