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August 9-11, 2014

Note: Due to travel schedules, electionlineToday will be posted on an odd schedule on Tuesday, August 12. We will get all the news posted as soon as possible, but cannot say when during the day. We apologize sincerely for this, especially considering it's a primary day in some states.

Alaska: Early voting underway

Arizona: Pima Co. polling locations to use iPads on primary | Pima Co. to conduct two pilot projects at 25 polling places | State bill ideas include all-mail elections | Ballot box set up in San Luis for voter convenience

California: Proposal could create more voting districts anchored by minorities

Connecticut: New measures designed to improve voter turnout | Democrats square off in primary for registrar | Registrar clarifies polling locations in Norwalk | Online tools available to find polling places

Florida: Retooled early voting begins Monday | Elections supervisor tells what's new this time around | Manatee Co. voting equipment tested | Primary election will bring changes to Manatee voters | One on One with Mark Anderson | Early voting site being relocated | Term-limits group asks to join suit against supervisor of elections | Voters concerned about Manatee Co. polling location cutbacks

Hawaii: Kahala voters deal with machine paper jam | Few problems reported at polling places statewide | Storm threats push more to the polls early | Hawaii's primary turnout likely near all-time low | State to release primary results ahead of 2 polling places | Tropical Storm Iselle to affect polling places | With storm gone, it's safe to vote Saturday| Primary election postponed for two polling places | Poll sites open on time for primary | Hawaii election officials scramble to set up polling locations | Closed polling places create confusion in Puna | Storm cuts into voting on Big Island | 4,500 election volunteers man election process | Voters cast ballots early; some run into polling problems

Indiana: Man who lost sheriff bid seeks voter fraud probe

Kansas: Three Topeka seniors turned away over voter ID confusion

Kentucky: Proposed legislation would restore felons' voting rights

Maryland: Town considers charter revision regarding elections | Election reform bill to be introduced

Michigan: Four election ties broken by drawing lots | New absentee ballot procedures a factor in late results

Minnesota: Secretary of state announces canvassing board members | Big Fish Lake residents voting on district creation

Missouri: Clerk's office begins preparation of electronic polling book

New York: Fight to keep old voting machines from sticking around

North Carolina: Judge backs new limits on North Carolina voting | Port City reacts to new voting rules | BOE split on voting sites

Ohio: Judge to hear arguments in early voting case

Rhode Island: SOS candidate backs voter ID

South Carolina: Absentee voting irregularity demonstrates potential for voter fraud

Tennessee: Election commission tallies votes in spite of glitches | Election saw 9 percent boost in turnout | Roane Co. recounts votes | Election night mishap changes race outcome in Roane Co. | Largest turnout since 2002

Texas: Students challenge Texas voter ID law

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections finishes counting walk-in ballots

Virginia: As VRA marks anniversary, Virginia localities face less federal scrutiny | Sunday Q&A: Edgardo Cortes

Wisconsin: Voter ID ruling creating confusion for primary | Schools don't overdo it on election security