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August 26, 2014

National News: Appeals court considers Kansas, Arizona voter ID rules | Court hears arguments on voters having to prove citizenship

Arizona: Election Day: A few changes for Pima Co. voters | SOS website offers where to vote help | Tablets debut in county elections | Peoria ballot blunder means delayed results | Hundreds of thousands of Maricopa Co. residents vote early in primary | 11 BHC polling places to be used Tuesday

California: Bill allows counting of late vote-by-mail ballots

Colorado: Castle Rock special election draws another lawsuit

Florida: Election day tips | Primary election day is Tuesday | Palm Coast manager given wrong ballot in early voting | A look inside new elections center | Elections officials report tepid early voter turnout | SOE ready for primary day; explains changes | Precinct changes ahead of primary | Stephens, staff ready for primaries | The cost of early voting | Record early voting sets stage for primary | Ballots by email | Early voting worth $22.85-per-ballot | New Florida law brings shorter lines, but same amount of early voters | Signatures scrutinized on absentee ballots

Hawaii: State asks Supreme Court to dismiss election challenge

Idaho: Idaho women outvote men by the thousands

Illinois: Christie questions voter registration while stumping for Rauner

Indiana: Two vote centers to be moved | Election board fails to approve South County early voting site

Iowa: Linn Co. executive wants more military, expatriates voting

Kansas: Federal appeals court questions Kansas' proof-of-citizenship rules

Missouri: Recount requested

New Mexico: Albuquerque questions may not fit onto ballot

North Carolina: Elections workers on notice about social media posts

Ohio: Lake Co. BOE to participate in test program for military and overseas voters | Miami elections office staffing debated

Rhode Island: SOS's office creates voter information app | Mail ballots seen on rise for Sept. primary

Tennessee: Election panel certifies primary | Election results certified, costs reviewed

Texas: SOS urges college students to vote

Utah: State takes 'highly flawed election' dispute to state Supreme Court

Vermont: A VT first: Live vote tally from secretary of state | Primary expected to see light turnout, late night | Condos warns write-in campaign results won't be available primary night

Washington: City council to discuss litigation in wake of court ruling

Wisconsin: DOT prepared for free voter ID | Shorewood man charged with illegal voting enters insanity plea