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September 18, 2014

Alabama: Why did feds sue Texas over voter ID, but no Alabama?

Arizona: Secretary of state hopefuls talk about elections | Poll worker error leads to 125 percent turnout

California: LA city council looks at 32 ways to tempt voters | CSUF panel looks at dilemma of uninformed voters | Displaced voters asked to contact registrars office

Florida: High schools in race to register voters

Georgia: 28 forged documents uncovered in probe of Ga. voter registration group | Brooks Co. woman found not guilty in voter fraud trial | State says 25 voter applications of 85K 'confirmed' forgeries

Hawaii: Election officials prep for lava

Illinois: Rochester resident to lead state BOE

Iowa: SOS candidate offers 7 ideas for Iowa elections

Kansas: Kansas Dems seek to oust Kobach

Minnesota: Former convicts continue advocating for voting rights| Mpl. committee considers expanding in-person absentee voting hours

Missouri: County's recount nets 1 more yes vote, 3 more not votes | Court ruling causes reprinting of ballots | Missouri won't appeal rewrite of early voting item

Montana: Montana to vote on same-day voter registration

Nebraska: District judge upholds SoS decision

New Mexico: Court orders county to follow voting plan | City voters will have plenty of election day polling places

New York: Genesee takes $35K-plus hit for Sept. 9 elections | City council publicly vets BOE candidates for first time

North Carolina: Berger campaign changes voter ID ad | Early voting hours cause partisan spat | Voting site changed

North Dakota: Jaeger gets funding request to cover costs of reviewing ballot measures

Oregon: Mail out the vote: 'It increases voter registration' | Kate Brown finds receptive audience in 'register to vote' effort

South Carolina: Voting precinct not being sold

Tennessee: Dickson Co. election administrator terminated

Texas: County votes to buy new voting machines | Elections administrator resigns

Washington: Yakima council favors election district plan

Wisconsin: Full court asked to halt voter ID law | Opponents of voter ID seek reversal of court's decision | Groups appeal voter ID ruling, allege 'eleventh-hour' changes will disenfranchise thousands | City clerks, voters dealing with new ID law | UW-Madison to issue separate voter IDs starting next week | City sending out absentee ballots and voter ID letters | College students facing challenges with voter ID law | Wisconsin GOP sue election officials over ballot design