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October 18-20, 2014

National News: 7 in 10 Americans favor restoring voting rights to nonviolent drug felons | Voter ID actions push fight past November | Justices resist voting changes before election

Alaska: Voter pamphlet omission may have affected earliest-mailed ballots

Arizona: Consolidated polling places OK'd for general election

Arkansas: Election board responding to voter ID ruling

California: Monday is final day to register to vote; registration efforts in high gear | Registrar of voters hopes change fixes 2012 ballot problem in Los Banos | Mayoral candidates prep for return of ranked choice voting | Foothills resident shares frustration over address mistake

Colorado: Aurora's county clerks making the vote count | More than 100 voters have received bad ballots | Campaigns in Colorado ramp up pressure on voters to return ballots | Wayne Williams vies for SoS | Ballot errors in Palisade, Fremont Co. | Polling and voting centers open across Colo. Monday

District of Columbia: Early voting begins today

Florida: Beat the lines, early voting begins Monday | Safeguards seen to blunt vote conflict

Georgia: Early voting polls open on Sunday for first time in Georgia

Illinois: County clerk's last election | $50K to fix Winnebago Co. ballot error | Early voting sites in McHenry Co. open today

Indiana: Early voting numbers down, but officials expect a change | Board says candidate can work in election office

Iowa: Meet the Candidate: Brad Anderson | Satellite voting offered at multiple locations

Kentucky: Election school preps poll workers for November | Appeals court rules in electioneering ban

Massachusetts: From staffing to voting machines, election costs add up for cities and towns | SoS candidate eyes open approach

Michigan: Public can try out voting machine | Wayne residents asked to consider ward voting

Minnesota: Open race for secretary of state heats up | More voters requesting absentee ballots

Mississippi: 7 indicted in voter fraud in Hattiesburg mayoral election

Missouri: Early voting proposal on Nov. 4 ballot

Montana: Tribes miss increased early voting access opportunity | Election day voter registration faces referendum | Ending same-day registration sees no support

Nebraska: Convenience and ease of early voting has helped its popularity | Mobile app allows Nebraska voters to access registration, polling place info

Nevada: Convenience, importance big draws for early voters

New Mexico: Four new centers open for early voting in San Juan Co.| Candidates spar over voter ID in closely watched race | 2012 election suit appeal angers Republicans

New York: BOE records say voter is 164 years old | Tioga Co. BOE to extend hours for absentee voting

North Carolina: More machines, longer hours to greet voters Thursday | Gastonia council will vote on changing election cycle | Voting site at Appalachian State blocked, for now | Misdirected mail confuses elections official | Elections official calls for fewer voting sites in Cumberland Co. | Service members encouraged to vote | Board approves new school design  

North Dakota: More than 18K North Dakotans have voted

Ohio: Husted says he takes a bipartisan approach to job | Husted orders Summit Co. BOE to adopt policy on digital devices | Husted faces challenge from Turner | Posting photo of ballot on Facebook could be a felony in Ohio

Oklahoma: Anyone can vote by mail in Oklahoma

Oregon: Big donor backs Oregon open primary measure | Brown issues voter turnout challenge

South Carolina: Absentee ballots re-issued in Kershaw Co.

South Dakota: Jackson Co. agrees to open satellite voting office Wanblee | Jackson Co. to open satellite voting site

Tennessee: Sumner Co. voters will be seeing red again | Some early voters in Sumner Co. got wrong ballots

Texas: Finally time to cast ballots as early voting starts Monday | Supreme Court lets Texas enforce voter ID law in November | The court won't interrupt Texas voter ID law | Supreme Court keeps Texas voter ID law | Attorneys pledge battle over voter ID law 'isn't over' | Castro asks GAO to analyze Texas voter ID law | State reports record high voter registration | New voting equipment to be used for November election | Record number of early voting sites open Monday | Early vote training on new equipment | Early voting begins with voter ID law in place

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections chairman files appeal of judge's denial to take candidate off ballot | St. Thomas elections board says early voting will begin Monday

Virginia: Embattled Charlottesville registrar had credit cards revoked by the city | Rules committee mulls moving Cardova polling station | Budget cuts cause layoffs at board of elections

Wisconsin: Wisconsin's on-again, off-again voter ID law is off | Early voting begins for November election | New rules for early voters