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October 21, 2014

National News: How racism underlies voter ID laws: The academics weigh in | Justices balk at last-minute voting changes

Arizona: $15K cost for one vote

Arkansas: Early voting begins | State Rep. wants answers on Washington Co. ballot glitch

California: Eight languages added to online voter registration | Court upholds cumulative voting in Santa Clarita

Colorado: Clerk and recorder offers ballot returning options | Next elections chief likely will be quieter | Will vote-by-mail process get more people to the polls? | Mail-in ballots include postage error | Postage error on mail ballots

District of Columbia: How to vote in D.C.  

Florida: Sancho says steady voter turnout for early voting | Day 1 of early voting: No glitches reported in PBC | Mail-in ballots risk rejection  

Georgia: Georgia partisans feud over voter registration | Ga. elections chief: No missing voter applications | Records at odds with voter fraud probe claim | Elections board finds no evidence of mistakes on further review

Illinois: Poll worker asked if the president was in fact Barack Obama | Early voting problems arise in Cook Co.| Teens taking part in elections process | Changes aim to make early voting easier |

Indiana: Floyd Co. voters able to cast ballot from any polling location this election

Iowa: Absentee ballot collection allowed by law

Kentucky: Court: Signs can't be near polls on public property

Louisiana: Early voting begins Tuesday in La. | Avoid long lines by voting early | Mystery signs seek to boost early voting in New Orleans

Massachusetts: Rochester voters OK new $10K voting machine | Longtime SoS seeks to continue serving the commonwealth

Minnesota: Voter ID sparks fly in SoS debate

Mississippi: New voting tool provides polling place and sample ballot

Missouri: Accessible voting booths should be available for Nov. election | Missouri to decide on early voting

Montana: Montana voters to decide on election-day registration | System for counting Missoula write-in votes explained

Nevada: Early voting has pros and cons

New Jersey: Dems nominate 2 to AC BOE

New Mexico: Outside groups spar in SoS race

New York: Niagara Co. balks at Ulrich deal for voting machine storage | City offices fail to meet law requiring them to help New Yorkers register to vote

North Carolina: Moral Monday stresses importance of voting

North Dakota: Early polling places scheduled for 9 ND cities

Ohio: DA to file no charges against Polk Co. BOE director

Pennsylvania: Voting machines ready for election day

South Carolina: Election officials encourage voters to look at ballot before going to polls

Tennessee: Nashville voting site restrictions raise First Amendment concerns

Texas: Early voters say new Wichita Co. voting machines are easy to use | Voters prepared at polls | New voter ID law impacting Texans at the polls

U.S. Virgin Islands: VI polls becoming more accessible to all

Utah: Early voting begins Tuesday

Virginia: Indefatigable voter advocate wins Fairfax honor

Washington: King Co. elections partners with Seattle Public Library to help voters with disabilities

West Virginia: Wood Co. voting machines inspected

Wisconsin: Van Hollen abandons any last-minute hope of getting voter ID in place this election | Clerks: Early voting resembles presidential race | Clerks busy as early voting begins