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October 28, 2014

National News: Rice team sets sights on better voting machine | Do I need an ID to vote? A look at the laws in all 50 states

California: A badge of pride: 'I Voted' stickers | San Bernardino Co. registrar ready for mid-term elections | Ballot drop-off locales expanded to include 15 libraries | Some Sacramento Co. voters received wrong ballots | Polling places vanish due to mail-in ballots | Registrar makes it easier to drop-off mail-in ballots

Colorado: Some voters face 'signature discrepancy' issue | Douglas Co. mom says clerk keeps sending out-of-state son's ballot to her house | Turnout may determine Williams-Neguse race | Postal service reminds Coloradans to mail-in ballots | Denver's all-mail election going smoothly so far

Florida: Sarasota opens early voting site at mall | Local counties cite signatures in rejecting 200 ballots

Georgia: Voter registration dispute hangs over secretary of state race | Man ordered to remove NRA hat before voting | More than 12,600 people voted Sunday in Ga.

Hawaii: Elections officials preparing for threat from lava

Idaho: Denney, Woodings face off for top elections job

Illinois: 'There is nothing wrong in this office,' Karen Kinney says | Judge denies GOP request for injunction against county clerk | Changes in some polling places in Effingham Co. | Election complaint line to be available | Grace period allows same-day registration and voting | Polling places changed for 37 Cook Co. precincts

Indiana: In Vigo Co., nine voting centers open today

Iowa: Paul Pate addresses issue on voter fraud | Johnson Co. dealing with lack of GOP poll workers

Kentucky: Judge rules in polling buffer

Louisiana: What the SoS has to say about the November 4 election

Maine: Effort underway to ask Maine voters to switch to ranked-choice voting

Maryland: Voting issues reported | Wico. voter reports problems at the ballot box | Election board responds to complaints about voting machines

Massachusetts: Holyoke tally in test of voting machines: 15 fine, 1 needs to be fixed | SoS candidates face off

Minnesota: Electronic pollbooks could bring faster voting to all in Minnesota

Missouri: New voter check-in process under consideration in St. Louis County

New Mexico: State buys $17K in felt-tip pens | Duran campaign ad attachs rivals stance on voter ID laws | Voter ID focus of secretary of state race

North Carolina: A shortened early voting period hasn't slowed voters | Libraries doubling as early voting sites remove referendum signs | NHC BOE to address potential student voting problem

Ohio: Clark co. makes changes to polling locations to accommodate disabled voters | Area students ready to work at polls on election day | Student poll workers will play an important role in election

Rhode Island: Police investigating ballot tampering

Texas: Are voting machines fool proof? | Voting options for persons living with disabilities | Voter ID law not slowing down early voters | Bexar Co. sees mail-in ballots more than double compared to 2010 | Ebola contacts ask to vote by email | Ebola sparks worry for some Dallas poll workers | Problems reported at UNT polling site

U.S. Virgin Islands: Early voting put on hold on St. Croix

Utah: Voter registration options remain, but are quickly running out

Virginia: Changes at the polls: Bring a photo ID; good-bye touch screens

Washington: Secretary of state stays out of Clallam auditor race | Ballots trickling in, but officials expect a surge

Wisconsin: Special parking for one side?