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October 31, 2014

National News: NPR Presents: Voting rights or wrongs?

Alabama: Voter ID law changes absentee ballot process for elderly, disabled voters | Poll workers go to school

Alaska: Group exposes voting histories of Alaska residents

Arkansas: A dozen reports of vote flipping in Pulaski Co.| Panel wants monitor for polling site | Benton Co. election commission finds ballot errors

California: Calif. senator mounts fight to counter voter photo ID laws | Jerry Brown votes, calls ranked choice voting 'complexifying' | Dead voter 'signature' resembles mom's | The dead are voting in San Diego

Colorado: State inspectors approve Pueblo Co. voting machines | Election officials address concerns about voter frustrations | It's too late to mail ballots, but drop-off locations open

District of Columbia: Embattled DCBOE under intense scrutiny as Election Day nears

Florida: DOJ watching for voting irregularities in Fla. | New record set for Manatee Co. absentee requests | Miscounts stretch marathon canvassing board meeting to 16 hours

Georgia: Parties brace for war over voter registrations in Ga. Senate race | NAACP: 'It's a sad day for voter rights in Ga.'

Illinois: Moline voting machine video goes viral | Voters caught in middle as GOP and county clerk spar over voting machines | RICO clerk's office shows how touch-screen voting machines are calibrated | GOP threatens more legal action against RI Co. clerk | Voter cards concern Jersey Co. residents | Wigginton announces Election Day voter fraud initiative | Election workers in limbo ahead of Tuesday's election

Indiana: Voter check-in process introduced ePollbook | Candidate's death means last-minute change | Little noticed SoS race carries big political consequences | Elkhart Co. makes changes to vote center system

Iowa: Loras poll shows close race for SoS

Kansas: Early voting numbers are down | Some question Sedgwick Co. election commissioner's recruiting of family, friends to work the polls

Kentucky: Kentucky bars more from voting than most states | Feds to monitor election complaints in Kansas

Maine: What if Kaci Hickox wants to vote? | Maine SoS clarifies absentee ballot rules

Maryland: Talbot voters report vote switching Thursday | Voting problems reported in Severna Park | Dorchester Co. working around possible problems at the polls | Lawsuit filed over alleged voter fraud in Frederick | Elections official: Noncitizens may be voting in Maryland

Massachusetts: Student poll worker program in Worcester engages youths in civic process

Michigan: Election officials prepare for stronger voter turnout

Minnesota: Austin moves one polling place

Missouri: Voting machines put to test

Montana: SoS: Same-day registration isn't broken | Students participate in mock election

New Hampshire: Election Day hotline established

New York: 'Sopranos' actor and BOE manager pays fine | NYC conflicts board fines BOE pres and two more for hiring kin | Moldy voting machines another headache for New Paltz town officials | Some Onondaga Co. voters will test electronic poll book sign-in  

North Carolina: Error discovered on a voting machine | Officials advise public to double-check ballots

Ohio: Cast away: Ballots missing

Oklahoma: Early voting begins at two Tulsa Co. sites | Early voting options for disabled voters

Pennsylvania: Lorraine Co. poll worker awarded

Rhode Island: Election official 'concerned' about 40 ballot questions facing voters

South Carolina: Lexington Co. voters could see long lines on Election Day

South Dakota: Minnehaha Co. using precincts not centers

Tennessee: Elections commission to discuss concerns over voting, ballots

Texas: Strict voter ID law could lead to bigger election problems in Texas | Political costumes, masks not welcome at the polls | Taylor Co. introduces vote centers on Tuesday

Virginia: Charlottesville voting equipment tested, locked ahead of Election Day | Hokie Passports become legal form of ID for election day | New ID law has ACLU monitoring polls head of election | Charlottesville electoral board responds to calls to resign

Wisconsin: State officials to be on hand to address voting problems