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November 11, 2014

National News: 2014 voter turnout was lowest since 1942, according to new data | Design competition teams recognized for advanced voting technology | Top Dem calls for passage of Voting Rights Act reform | Record low turnout raises question of voting law influence on 2014 results

Alaska: Alaska to begin counting more than 53K ballots | Alaska DOE to count absentee and questioned ballots

Arizona: McSally race heads toward recount | Court ruling hurts Arizona registration laws | Do you know how provisional ballots work? | Judge rejects McSally effort to put some ballots on hold | Bayless to head SoS transition | Maricopa Co. elections officials finish counting early and provisional ballots

Arkansas: Scott Co. can't legally hold special election for candidates left off

California: Tie broken in Imperial Beach race | With races in balance, county waits for vote updates | Mendocino Co. still tallying votes

Connecticut: Dozens of attorneys kept close watch over Conn. polling places

Florida: Mount Dora council race is again tied, could lead to coin toss | Florida doesn't count votes for Mickey Mouse any more

Illinois: Absentee ballots, early voting slow reporting election results

Indiana: Clark Co. to count provisional ballots | Appeals court sets oral arguments in Charlie White case | Former secretary of state running for Indy mayor | St. Joseph Co. to begin public forums on vote centers | Carroll Co. election results not affected by broken computer

Kansas: Votes don't count without photo ID; citizen papers | Kobach pushes for power to prosecute voter fraud | Kobach to appeal 10th Circuit citizenship ruling | Large turnout contributed to long lines at the polls

Kentucky: Paul still faces ballot quandary in Kentucky

Maine: Secretary of state to recount ballots in three close Senate races

Maryland: Montgomery slowest in state to report election-day results | County to seek audit of voter registrations

Massachusetts: Recount planned in state rep. race

Minnesota: Mindset of young voters in Central Minn.? Complex | Luck of the draw breaks tie vote in Cook Co.| Absentee voting up about 50 percent

Mississippi: Hinds election chief broke law, she admits

Missouri: Stream considers recount in St. Louis Co. race

Montana: Provisional ballots don't change race | Powell Co. throws out hundreds of write-in votes

New Hampshire: Poll worker says she was fired for saying 'God bless you' at polls | Secretary of state prepares to recount ballots in 19 races

New Jersey: Voting glitch triggered by four laptops | Glouco election results stand

New York: Glitch leads to erroneous report of Assembly winner | Dutchess to start counting absentee ballots Wednesday

North Carolina: Early voting revealed as vulnerable to ID fraud

Ohio: Election board seeks $99,800

Oregon: Ore. outranks other states in preliminary voter turnout

South Carolina: SLED to investigate alleged voter fraud in Dillon Co.| Some Windmill Harbour residents erroneously voted in Hilton Head mayoral election

Tennessee: Election officials call lawsuit 'absurd'| Abortion amendment challenge stirs uproar

Texas: Garcia files voting legislation for the 84th Legislative Session | Brewster Co. election error may overturn treasurer race | Delay caused by 300 ballots

U.S. Virgin Islands: Ballot count winds down on St.Thomas-St. John | Count goes on and on... | St. Croix elections board still counting ballots

Virginia: University Hall precinct finalizes in midterm election results | Virginia Beach registrar apologizes to voters | Registrar: Few election snafus reported

Washington: Turnout lowest since disco era | Last mail-in ballots to be counted

West Virginia: Ohio Co. vote canvass complete | Kanawha Co. vote canvass complete, no changes

Wisconsin: Vos takes aim at GAB

Wyoming: State canvassing board certifies 2014 general election