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November 20, 2014

Arizona: House race too close to call

California: Registrar of voters office begins manual tally for Lake Co.| Why was Santa Clara slowest in Bay Area?| Sacramento Registrar: No provisional ballots left to count | Mendocino Co. election results expected by Thanksgiving | New law may prolong vote counts

Colorado: Board fails to certify election | Vote canvass takes day and half

Connecticut: Voting district chosen for audit | Weston conduct post-election audit | Hartford election returns were submitted hours after those of other cities

Florida: Florida elections chief concerned about aging voting equipment | Detzner concerned about aging election equipment | County seeks state input on canvassing board removals | Growing concern at supervisor of elections offices across Florida

Guam: Off-island, absentee ballots counted

Idaho: Idaho voter participation hits record low

Illinois: Same-day registration could become permanent

Maine: Senate recount may be undecided for weeks

Maryland: Election board talks ways to faster reporting of results

Michigan: Election brings unique passing of the torch

Mississippi: NAACP chapter wants election commissioner to resign

Montana: Post-election audits find accurate counts

Nevada: Washoe Co.'s registrar office will initiate recount process Friday

New Jersey: Chairman: No recount in Cumberland Co. race | NJ college students win appeal in voter registration lawsuit

New York: The counting continues | Clausen election complaint dismissed

North Carolina: Candidates request recounts after canvass | Scotland Co. sheriff seeks new election, alleges fraud | Pitt Co. finishes recounting 45K ballots | Elections complaint filed in New Hanover County | Absentee ballots in 2014 represent cost increase for BOE

Ohio: BOE tosses 20 ballots | Elections panel aims to speed up | Husted says redistricting reform must be bipartisan

Oregon: More Oregon voters able to fix issues with ballots

Pennsylvania: Pa. checks potential duplicate registrations

Rhode Island: Gorbea seeks public input before taking office | Town council recount date postponed by BOE

U.S. Virgin Islands: Sun shines on voters in gubernatorial runoff | Voters experience few problems at polls for runoff election

Vermont: Vermont to audit election results of 6 towns