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November 6, 2015

National News: Will state courts fill a void on voting rights? | Re-examining voting rights fifty years later | Activists want debates to address issue of voter access | The marathon U.S. presidential election process

Alabama: Look back...to local endorsement of voting machines, 1940

Arizona: Pima Co. still counting votes

Arkansas: Boone Co.'s old voting machines get a new home

California: Registrar explains wait for final election results| With ballots still coming in, several races too close to call | More than 23K ballots come in to election office | At a Long Beach high school, a hands-on experiment in democracy

Colorado: San Miguel Co. reports record turnout

Florida: Florida Senate defeats redistricting map; session crashes | Recount needed in Groveland

Georgia: DeKalb Co.'s LaVista Hills election investigated for tampering | Advocates seek bilingual ballots | Secretary of state to handle Warwick provisional ballots

Idaho: Nampa resident volunteers for 50 years

Indiana: Anatomy of a ballot problem in Clark Co.

Iowa: Election results stand after vote recount

Louisiana: Early voting begins Saturday for runoff elections

Massachusetts: Election Modernization Commission urges more early voting sites, announces contest | Worcester clerk refutes claims | No problems with new polling location

Mississippi: Officials say late Dantzler box was a miscommunication

Minnesota: Why was voter turnout so high?

Nebraska: Daily News honored by secretary of state for election efforts

New Jersey: Bond referendum defeated in tie | Concerns about voter manipulation surface in Morris Co. polling place | Documents on provisional ballots must be kept, judge orders

New Mexico: Former secretary of state seeks old job

New York: Several races await arrival of absentee ballots | System overload led to Sullivan election results delay

North Carolina: Elections board gears up for photo ID voting in 2016 | Election officials report minor hiccups| Couple elected as mayor and councilwoman in town of two

Ohio: Insurance company to pay Stark Co. almost $1m for ruined voting equipment | Glitches aside, Evendale shows its voting pride | BOE leaders vow 'transparent and collaborative' investigation into problems | Butler Co. may be first in state to use new voting technology| Despite hiccups, election 'went well' | Will Ohio vote glitches get fixed by 2016? | Poll working: A civic duty| Lucas Co. BOE votes to merge precincts | Missing Struthers ballots to be counted Nov. 14

Pennsylvania: Bucks commissioners recount wouldn't be quick, cheap or easy| Hard-to-read printout blamed for confusion in White Oak election results | Complaints lodged against two polling places | Blair seeks voting precinct changes

South Carolina: Candidate demands recount after narrow loss | Slight bump in turnout, some confusion in Bluffton election| Nov. 17 runoff election set | Bluffton adds web feature to help avoid voter confusion

Texas: How Harris Co. voting is like Christmas | Hidalgo candidate may request recount

Utah: Providence general election turnout jumps | 4,496 ballots will decide SLC mayor's race

Virginia: Making polling places more accessible

Washington: Auditor says another 8700 votes to be counted unlikely to change outcomes | One set of results to be posted today due to technical issues | Election workers still busy

West Virginia: Harrison Co. approves purchase of new voting machines | Election dinners a tradition in Meigs

Wisconsin: Senate yet to release details of elections board bill | Senate to vote on dissolving nonpartisan elections board