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November 20, 2015

Arkansas: Benton Co. vote centers OK'd to bump polling places

Colorado: Election was smooth sailing, county clerk says

Florida: Supervisor of elections office receives award

Georgia: Kemp tries to contain damaging Ga. data leak | Kemp: All voter data secure | Employee fired after data leak

Illinois: 'Professor Fraud' named city election commissioner

Indiana: Special judge to hear election case

Kentucky: AG's office selects 6 counties for post-election audit

Louisiana: Few take advantage of law allowing them to vote without photo ID

Maine: Ballot inspection raises questions for challenger, confirms result

Maryland: Caroline to demonstrate new voting systems | Aberdeen BOE urges runoff election

Michigan: Recount doesn't change election night tally

Minnesota: Secretary of state wraps up statewide tour

Mississippi: Drawing of straws set for tied election

New York: Reform groups say Cuomo should include funds for early voting in 2016 budget | Do you know Hazel Thompson?

North Carolina: Absentee ballots are expected to increase with new voter ID requirements | Cumberland Co. asked to increase early voting hours | State officials to decide whether to hold new election  

Ohio: Postal Service to develop policy for postmarking ballots | Federal trial continues over voting changes

Pennsylvania: Drawings settle outcome of Westmoreland Co. races

South Carolina: Bluffton elections office to temporarily reduce hours

Tennessee: Older voters often fulfill a 'civic duty' on Election Day

Texas: Former city commissioner arraigned in voter fraud case

Utah: Syracuse, Farmington request recounts after canvass flips results

Virginia: Recount procedure set | Langley senior aims to engage young voters

Washington: Financial strain impacting auditor's office, elections admin resigns