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January 5, 2016

Arkansas: Vote centers' printers arrive

Florida: Will Lee Co. be ready for the Florida presidential primary?| State embraces online voter signup, but fraud concerns linger | Florida remains on scheduled for 2017 OVR | Pasco SOE Brian Corley to discuss 2016 election in D.C. forum

Georgia: Georgian stung by voter law gets elected

Indiana: Vote machines introduced | New equipment for voters in 2016

Iowa: Iowa residents can register to vote online | Voter registration goes paperless...for those with ID | Iowa officials launch OVR

Missouri: Fact Check: Proposed voter ID measures wouldn't have averted 16 cases of fraud

Montana: Groups claim bumps in road of 'motor voter'  

New Hampshire: Voter ID law remains big unknown for presidential primary day | Election officials prepare for first presidential election with voter ID

New Jersey: Trial over disqualified Salem freeholder ballots begins

North Carolina: Grant Whitney Jr. named to NC elections board

Ohio: Secretary of state fills Putnam Co. BOE seat

Tennessee: Halbert's hearing set for city election lawsuit | Nashville election chief Kent Wall to retire | Hughes touts early voting

Texas: Changes on tap for 2016 elections in county, city

Utah: New era for Utah elections, but questions remain

Vermont: Burlington City Council looks into giving voters the option to vote at any polling place

Wisconsin: Some voter ID challenges can continue | WI clerks prepare for 2016 election cycle | Outgoing state elections director outlines next steps in transition to new agencies