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August 24, 2016

National News: New voting technologies create need for improved infrastructure | Native Americans still fighting for voting equality | Investigation finds little evidence of voter fraud in key ID states | New laws leave voters to navigate maze of requirements

Alabama: Alabama hits the polls

Alaska: Lead shrinks to 3 after more ballots counted

Arizona: Maricopa Co. recorder to face rare primary challenger

California: State honcho works Starbucks counter | Registrar of voters conducting survey | Election lawsuit on track for October trial | State Sen. Allen's bill to change polling places | Counties could hold more mail-in elections

Florida: Voting machine problems at early voting locations in Lee Co.| After first day of mail ballot reviews, Pinellas rejects 29 votes

Georgia: Bibb BOE moves to new office

Illinois: DuPage to buy more equipment for November | DuPage election agency may impose restrictions on its representatives | County clerks preparing for November

Kansas: Kansas is latest state to press for voter restrictions | Court considers Kansas rule that voters prove citizenship

Maine: Group promotes voting change for Maine with ranked-choice beer tastings

Missouri: Absentee ballot applications and their envelopes are public record, St. Louis judge rules | County election board to move forward in re-do of Sunset Hills race | New Blunt ad slams Kander for ballot shortage

Nevada: Election officials say viral video claiming voter fraud doesn't pass muster

New Hampshire: Merrimack announces 3 polling places for elections

New Jersey: Tied election goes to trial

New Mexico: Toulouse Oliver says Espinoza is wrong about voter fraud

North Carolina: Two additional Orange Co. early voting plans being submitted to SBOE | Elections chair discussed arming civilians at polls

Ohio: Federal appeals court says no to restoring extra days of early voting in Ohio | Appeals Court: 'Golden week' of early voting shouldn't return | New e-books to help students understand Ohio's role in elections

Pennsylvania: Concerned about voter fraud this November? Officials say don't be

Tennessee: Polling place break in

Texas: Starr Co. early voting sites reduced to one | Counties ready for poll turnout

Virginia: Richmond electoral board to ask AG's advice on fallout from felon rights ruling

West Virginia: Commissioners vote to buy new voting machines for Putnam

Wisconsin: State DOJ won't ask Supreme Court to block voting ruling