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January 13, 2017

National News: New administration likely to shift approach to Voting Rights Act |Should election systems be a top priority in US cybersecurity right now?

California: SJ registrar of voters to retire in March

Colorado: Singer proposes approval voting bill at start of legislative session

Florida: There's not time for a special election officials say | County celebrates Laura Dees' retirement

Georgia: LaVista Hills vote investigation tied up in records dispute

Hawaii: Lawmakers to again consider vote-by-mail, automatic voter registration

Indiana: Lawson: Modernization an ongoing challenge

Iowa: Voter ID plan isn't aimed at election fraud, Pate says

Kansas: House passes special election bill

Massachusetts: Clerk change waits on Legislature

Michigan: Martin settles in as new county clerk

Mississippi: UM professor hopes to shed light on voter wait times

Montana: Bill would end Election Day holiday

Nebraska: Resolution on voter ID could change state's constitution

New Jersey: Judge hears mixed testimony in election fraud trial

New York: Justice Dept. looks to intervene in lawsuit against city BOE over voter roll purge in April | NY attorney exonerated of voter fraud charges in Brooklyn

North Carolina: Cumberland elections board probes double voting, felons voting

Ohio: Hamilton Co. BOE moves | Lucas Co. elections officials honored for restoring stability to board

Pennsylvania: Eligibility of Luzerne Co. BOE member questioned

Tennessee: Election commission reviews e-pollbook technology

Texas: County questions purchase of voting machines

Utah: Lawmakers racing to fix hole in Utah election law

Virginia: Voter registration worker convicted of submitting fake names

Wisconsin: Vote recount raised 'human error' concerns | Hansen pushing redistricting reform bill

Wyoming: Laramie Co. prepares to purge voter roll