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July 20, 2017

National News: Shrugging off controversy, White House voter panel seeks more personal data | President accuses election officials of hiding something | White House panel holds first meeting in effort to probe voter fraud | States bristled, but at least 30 will give personal voter data to panel | Presidents says no conclusions have been drawn up as voting fraud panel starts its work | Activists urge voters to stay registered

Arkansas: Arkansan on voter panel says data request 'raised concerns'

California: As WH panel meets, some local officials say voters needn't worry about election fraud | California's top elections official continues to balk at request for voter data

Colorado: National Voters With Disabilities Week takes place in Mesa Co. | County seeks to reduce the number of precincts

Connecticut: Merrill leads charge against voter-data quest

Florida: A mock election opens Flagler supervisor's office to public, but potato vote a shock | Forget reports of hacks, elections supervisor assures commissioners | Latimer to serve on election security task force | Voters 'whipped into a frenzy' get the facts from Seminole elections chief

Georgia: Two Georgia foes fight over voting as both run for governor

Kansas: Illegal voting? Not much in Kobach's home state | ACLU wants changes to voter registration information on SOS website

Kentucky: Grimes criticizes federal request for voter info

Maine: Legislature poised to take one more shot at fixing ranked-choice voting

Michigan: Burton to get new voting equipment

Minnesota: Secretary of state visits Beltrami Co. for 2016 election feedback

Missouri: Ashcroft stops in Bolivar to talk about state's new ID law

Nevada: Will Nevada data be safe if given to election commission?

New Hampshire: At first election commission meeting, Gardner focuses on public trust, voter ID laws | Voter fraud unnecessary to sway elections, Gardner tells panel

New Jersey: Several NJ counties send out vote-by-mail applications to every voter

North Carolina: Jackson commissioners and elections board disagree over budget authority | Court to rule on law on governor's elections role | For BOE, it's a waiting game with appointments

Ohio: Secretary of state candidate wants fair elections, high turnout for Ohio | Blackwell defends work on election commission

Rhode Island: RI governor signs automatic voter reg into law

South Carolina: State election commission pushes back against attempted hacking claims

South Dakota: Secretary of state ends budget year with a surplus

Tennessee: Mock election in '19 could test ranked choice voting | Secretary of state: Giving voter information to WH panel illegal

Texas: Judge weigh scrapping reformed Texas voter-ID law | Public hearing on vote centers | Citizens fret over voter data

Washington: Wyman is cancer-free | New drop boxes prepped for primary

West Virginia: WV clerk attends meeting of elections panel | Public interest groups renew call for WV to withhold voter data