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July 21, 2017

National News: Inside the secret plan to stop Vladimir Putin's U.S. election plot | Samantha Bee tears down president's election commission | The insecurity of America's old and underfunded voting systems| Democrats, civil rights groups aim to block WH commission | In break with president, top Intel, Homeland Security officials affirm Russia's election meddling | Obama produced plan to counter potential Election Day cyber attack

Alabama: Gordon mayor indicted on voter fraud, theft charges

Arkansas: Panel approves rules enforcing voter ID law

California: County sets its sights on updated 'secure' voting system | A new suit says lawmakers broke the law when they changed recall election rules

Connecticut: Secretary Merrill alarmed over White House panel

Florida: Statewide campaign to restore ex-felon voting rights hosts conference in Orlando | Officials look to calm voters as panel looks into fraud

Georgia: Forsyth Co. looking to clean up voter rolls

Idaho: Democrats win settlement with secretary of state

Illinois: Confusion over whether Rauner will sign AVR

Montana: Montana elections chief alleges voter fraud in May balloting

New Hampshire: Gardner: Give election commission a chance

New Jersey: Mail-in ballot mystery investigated after primary votes show up 1 month late

New Mexico: Debate over ranked choice voting casts doubt

North Carolina: NC court: New elections board can stay vacant | NC elections oversight is frozen between old and new with local votes approaching

North Dakota: Dozens of people voted with incorrect addresses

Oklahoma: Concerned Oklahomans contacting election officials about data request

Pennsylvania: County election directors don't see voter fraud | Wolf, others question White House commission

South Dakota: Eleven counties recommended to receive HAVA election aid

Tennessee: Memphis will scrap city council runoffs in 2019 | Algood City Hall still voting precinct despite complaints

Texas: Victoria Co. seeks election judges, poll workers

Utah: Judge: San Juan Co. election maps must be redrawn again

Vermont: Condos tells voter fraud panel it can best help voters by folding | Secretary of state heads US association