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October 18, 2017

National News: Conflict mounts inside voting fraud commission in the wake of child porn arrest | A death and more questions for president's voter fraud commission

Arkansas: Arkansan on voter fraud commission dies at 52

California: Majority of Pasadena council supports shifting election dates

Connecticut: Bridgeport ordered to hold 2 elections

Florida: Online voter registration form may violate law that created it, elections chief says

Illinois: McLean Co. board chair seeks input on election functions

Iowa: Linn Co. considers $227K in voting equipment upgrades

Louisiana: Rare recount on tap in New Orleans city council race

Maine: Lawmakers at odds over voter-approved ranked-choice voting

Massachusetts: Judge rejects city attempt to dismiss Lowell voting rights suit

Maryland: Washington Co. pitches building near senior center for early voting

Michigan: Poll workers learn about new machines | Your voting experience at the polls should run smoother in Michigan | Jocelyn Benson enters Michigan secretary of state race | Benson launches SOS run with 30-minute guarantee

Mississippi: Supervisors consolidate polling precincts

Montana: Ballots for Missoula election to be mailed Wednesday

Nevada: Lawsuit seeks to strike down Nevada's recall election laws

New York: Yates Co. thanks election workers

Ohio: Husted names Decker to board of elections

Pennsylvania: Poll workers needed

Tennessee: Rulings issued in Bluff City election law violation case

Texas: How the TX redistricting lawsuit outlived a voter who sued | ADA repairs for vote center cost more than expected

Virginia: Getting ready for election day

Washington: Wyman pushing to move up presidential primary | Eight new drop boxes installed before ballots mailed

West Virginia: WV AG says election pamphlet law unconstitutional | Road vote in Kanawha decided by 11 percent of voters, cost $218K

Wisconsin: Wisconsin election official blames AG for keeping him from talking about gerrymandering