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January 6-8, 2018

National News: How cities are bypassing states to explore registering voters | President's voter fraud commission is dead, but critics worry its mission may live on | For some older voters, a trickier route to the ballot box | Justice Dept. refuses to turn over voter fraud commission documents to Dunlap | DHS election unit has no plans for probing voter fraud: sources

Alabama: Election official: President's voter fraud commission 'poorly thought out' |GOP sponsor bill that would change special election laws

Arkansas: Jefferson CBEC de-certifies election coordinator

California: Six new languages added to 2018 election-language assistance requirements

Illinois: Judge will rule this week whether or not to eliminate Aurora election commission

Indiana: Indiana PAC focuses on process, not party

Kansas: Court fight over voter registration will exclude some evidence

Kentucky: Louisville lawmaker files bill requiring special elections

Maine: LePage again calls for stricter voter ID law in Maine | Justice Dept. refuses to turn over voter fraud commission documents to Dunlap | Signatures collected to support ranked choice voting

Maryland: Rockville considering vote-by-mail elections | State's attorney to review alleged election law violation

Michigan: Wright reflects on time as city clerk | Ballot tampering charge dropped for Grout clerk

Missouri: Elections chief changes mind, won't seek another term in St. Charles Co.

Montana: Missoula Co. starts recruiting election help for 2018

Nebraska: Training session teaches people how to register people to vote

New Hampshire: Top NH election official has no regrets about being on panel

New Jersey: Booker: President's now-disbanded voter fraud panel was 'based on a lie'

New Mexico: Santa Fe mock ranked-choice election

New York: Counties worried about cost to come with early voting

North Carolina: League gets $800 grant for voter registration| Study outlines problems, improvements needed for elections

Ohio: Lucas Co. BOE members discuss consolidation of locations | Husted responds to dissolution of voter fraud panel | One vote decided 29 elections in Ohio in 2017

Pennsylvania: County seeks new director for Office of Voter Services

Texas: Texans face new voter ID law for March primaries

U.S. Virgin Islands: Election board defunds primary race

Vermont: Condos: 'Not surprised bogus' voter pane has been shut down

Virginia: New delegate proposes a vote-by-mail program for Va. | Judge denies special election in 28th District house race

Washington: Inslee supports package of voter access bills | Wyman proposes programs to increase voter participation | Washington seeking ways to get more voters registered and casting ballots | Yakima deputy mayor offers support for better voting rights

West Virginia: New law means voters have to show ID when casting a ballot