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January 19, 2018

National News: Dems call for election security hearing | States waiting to share voter data while Kansas shores up security | Seventh Circuit rejects bid to extend voting rights to territories

California: LWV launches teen-registration effort

Florida: Voting rights proposal advance by constitutional review board | No special elections for legislative vacancies, says Gov. Scott

Illinois: Kane clerk says his office can handle Aurora elections for less money | Lawmaker, advocates launch voter registration drive for ex-felons

Iowa: Organizations help educate Iowans on new voter ID law

Kansas: States waiting to share voter data while Kansas shores up security | Kansas senators debate election law change for voters with disabilities

Kentucky: Future Metro Council vacancies could be filled by special election

Maryland: County cuts election board space request nearly in half

New York: No state money for early voting in budget |

North Carolina: Supreme Courte temporarily blocks NC gerrymandering ruling

Ohio: Democrat sworn in as newest BOE member

Tennessee: Can hackers tamper with Tennessee election? | Saturday's early voting extended two hours

Vermont: Secretary of state and AG encourage Legislature to protect sensitive voter data

Washington: Automatic voter registration could come to Washington

West Virginia: County commission approves relocation of two voting precincts

Wisconsin: Wisconsin ethics, elections heads battle for their jobs | Ethics, elections heads take different paths to try and save jobs