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July 7-9, 2018

National News: Patagonia is giving its workers Election Day off--and says you should too

Alabama: Testing voting machines before primary runoff | Merrill offers 'home visit' for those seeking photo ID to vote--'Just call my cell'

Arizona: GOP secretary of state candidates spar over voter-registration rules | For $75, your opinion can be included in Arizona election pamphlet

California: Five counties tried new method to turbocharge turnout. Here's what they got | Initiative proposes to end automatic voter registration

Colorado: El Paso Co. leads state in number of rejected primary ballots | Nearly 7K unaffiliated Colorado voters nullified their primary votes by turning in ballots for both parties

Florida: Supervisor of elections office announces polling location changes | Some Okaloosa Co. voters to see polling place changes ahead of election season

Georgia: John Barrow campaigns in Moultrie for secretary of state's office | Gwinnett argues minority voting concerns are taking care of themselves

Hawaii: Voting machines tested ahead of primary | Pahoa polling place designated for primary | Polling place to open in Pahoa on election day | Ballot machines tests, preparations underway for primary election | Residents affected by Kilauea can register and vote at Pahoa Community Center

Iowa: Court motion seeks to block portions of voter ID before November | Challengers of Iowa voter ID law advance case

Kansas: Johnson Co. election officials busy preparing for primary | After Kobach's controversies, secretary of state candidates stress competence

Kentucky: DOJ announces settlement with Kentucky

Maryland: SBOE and MVA reach agreement on number of voters whose information wasn't transferred on time: 83,493 | Brochin to call for recount after 9-vote loss in primary

Massachusetts: Boston officials to discuss giving legal non-US citizens voting rights

Michigan: Secretary of state candidate on mission to make state model for elections | Race to replace Karen Spranger gets heated

Missouri: Senate Bill 592 changes the way Missourians vote

New Hampshire: Secretary of state candidate launches campaign website

New Mexico: GOP taps candidate for secretary of state after primary winner drops out

North Carolina: Voter ID: November referendum likely won't be last word

North Dakota: Backers of ND citizen voting measure submit signatures

Ohio: County expects state funding

Oklahoma: Recount underway | The number of runoffs statewide may be unprecedented |

Tennessee: County Dems, NAACP sue to open early voting sites | Honor service members through early voting

U.S. Virgin Islands: Elections officials now say early voting to start July 14 | Early voting pushed to July 14

Virginia: Fairfax electoral board taps new registrar from within staff ranks

Washington: With Russian hacking fresh in mind, Washington state beefs up elections cybersecurity

Wisconsin: Dane Co. Clerk: Moving students should vote with old address for primary

Wyoming: Early voting begins