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Feb 25, 2011

Arizona: Secretary of state names communications director

California: New registrar takes hands-on approach  |  Grand jury debunks reports of local voter fraud  |  Effort to move Chico election date moves closer to vote

Colorado: Meyers postpones testing of counting machines  |  Transparency issue in election  |  Craig to vote by mail in April

Connecticut: Absentee voting may not attract students

Florida: Bondi wants to do away with automatic restoration for felons  |  Duval purges 650 from rolls

Georgia: Georgians suspected of voting twice could face prosecution

Indiana: Poll inspectors to be paid more

Iowa: Senate bill takes aim at satellite voting during church services

Kansas: Voter ID measures advance in Kansas, Missouri  |  House passes voter ID bill

Kentucky: Felon voting bill stuck in Senate

Massachusetts: Church will likely remain a polling place

Mississippi: Hosemann will seek re-election

Missouri: Voter ID measures advance in Kansas, Missouri

New Hampshire: Voting bill draws public protest  |  Students rally against bill to restrict rights

New Jersey: Defense rests in AC vote fraud trial

New Mexico: House panel shelves proposal to require ID

New York: Martins urges Cuomo to sign ballot bill  |  New motion filed in Troy voter fraud case  |  Cuomo may not need to call special election

Ohio: Milken resigns from BOE

Pennsylvania: State lawmaker pursues big voting reform ideas

Tennessee: Heron says he's fighting for voting rights for seniors  |  Ransom Jones named chairman

Virginia: Second guilty plea in voter fraud case  |  Langhorne leaving longtime electoral board seat

West Virginia: Ex-secretary of state McCartney dies

Wisconsin: Voter ID bill amended  |  Senate stops short of voter ID passage