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August 1, 2011

National News: The GOP war on voting | 2012 primary calendar: Arizona starts the party

Florida: Election chief may join federal voting-rights suit

Georgia: New county districts may cause issues

Illinois: Marion County gets $51K grant to improve elections

Indiana: Citizens pack election board meeting about satellite voting sites | Democrats demand resumption of early satellite voting | Secretary of state to be his own lawyer

Iowa: County looks at combining precincts

Louisiana: Registrar sees little interest in fall elections

Maine: GOP chairman says if students want to vote, they should pay taxes

Maryland: Early voting dates announced for 2012 elections

Montana: Volunteers get UM students registered to vote

Nevada: Special election funding approved | Early voting totals surprise election officials | Lawmakers complain, but approve funding for special election anyway

New Hampshire: Senate urged to oppose bill requiring photo ID to vote

New Jersey: Computer file deleted in Fairfield election case

New York: Picente demands report on avoiding election problems

North Carolina: Tillis on voter ID

Ohio: State lawmakers as DOJ to be aware of Cuyahoga ballot dispute | Husted challenges mailing of absentee ballots to voters by county | Early voting date unclear

South Carolina: Haley's voter ID plan will offer free rides to DMVClement to represent South Carolina in tussle with DOJ over voter ID

Tennessee: Voters to get ID lessonsSullivan County voter fraud probe fizzlesFowlkes selected as new election administrator trainee

Texas: When's the city's next electionPrecinct polling places limited to one per precinct

U.S. Virgin Islands: Protestors urge election reformElections chief says proposed budget lacking

West Virginia: 14 precincts planned for Lincoln

Wisconsin: Feds asked to monitor Wisconsin's voter ID law | Recall cost to Winnebago County tops $100K