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September 14, 2011

Arizona: Candidates speak out on mail-in ballot race

Connecticut: Recount ordered in Ward 5 | Foster contests election process

Florida: Florida may move up GOP primary to beat Arizona to the punch | Elections chief to outsource processing of absentee ballots | Primary confusion over date of election

Indiana: Supreme Court: No shortcuts in Charlie White election challenge | All candidates will be on ballot

Maine: Conservatives' poll: End same-day registration

Maryland: Takoma Park looking for election judges

Minnesota: Ranked-choice campaign will kick off soon

Nevada: No problems reported at Washoe County polls

New Jersey: Judge tosses out GOP freeholder primary

New York: Absentee ballots will decide Lockport's mayoral primary | Inspector error reportedly leading to delays in election results | Election glitch in Whitesboro causes machine swap | New voting system slows reporting of results in NYC House race | Broome County primary goes on as scheduled | Volunteers fail to show up to tally Oneida County elections | Turner requests impound of ballots in special election

Ohio: Husted endorses uniform voting rules | Richland County combines several polling places | Morley resigns from board of elections

Oklahoma: Voter ID law creates few hassles

Rhode Island: Voter registration form confusion | Parties want names added to voter sign-ups

South Carolina: S.C. to protest its early primary status

Tennessee: Combating voter fatigue | Council may challenge new voter ID law | Speaker defends voter ID law

Texas: Educational materials to take pressure off casting a ballot | Civil rights groups accuse Perry of 'discrimination' on voter law

Virginia: Exemption from part of voting act OK'd

West Virginia: State Supreme Court rejects Charleston election challenge