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September 28, 2011

Technology News: Diebold voting machines can be hacked by remote control

Alabama: Alabama asks Justice to review new voting districts

Arizona: Taking roll: Voter registration list no longer purged

California: Braille Institute holds test run for visually impaired e-voting | Humboldt County registrar feature on voting transparency panel

Colorado: Congressmen ask U.S. to look into Gessler lawsuit against Denver clerk

Connecticut: Election day smoother than last November

Florida: Elections boss pleads for more money

Illinois: Merrillville makes one more pleas for combining voting sites

Iowa: New polling places for some Woodbury County voters

Kansas: Community groups rally against voter ID law

Kentucky: More states looking at voter IDs

Louisiana: Secretary of state race is a 2 in 1 decision Oct. 22 ballot

Maine: Same-day voter registration supporters push for legislative vote | Group: GOP leaders used same-day voting

Maryland: General Assembly to decide on new voting locations

Massachusetts: New vote tally procedure to ensure accuracy in Taunton preliminary election | New bills seek to have voters provide ID at polls | Lakeville seeking new polling site

Mississippi: Jackson County election commissioners strive for problem-free election

Nevada: State GOP leaders reject same-day registration for caucus

New Jersey: Zirkles win Fairfield election; state can’t confirm investigation | Presidential primary moved back to June

New York: Attorney: Voter fraud plea invalid | Election commissioners feel heat from legislators

Ohio: 1989 change means more work to vote in Manchester this election | Early voting decision this week

Pennsylvania: Chester County issues primary ballot explanation

South Carolina: More Upstate counties say they’re not paying for presidential primaries | 25 voters to get free photo ID ride to DMV, only 4 in Tri-county area

Tennessee: New seals will tamper-proof elections | Meeting to focus on voter education | Tennessee voter law awaits effect on seniors | Knoxville man celebrates 50 years as poll worker

Texas: AC board changes election dates | City looks to avoid ‘even year’ elections | Elections to cost Killeen $30K more

West Virginia:  Voting machine contract hits a snag | County to refuse maintenance contract for voting machines

Wisconsin: Lawmakers question GAB policies | GOP lawmakers consider changes to recall petition process