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October 4, 2011

National: 2012 elections: Disenfranchised voters, hacked machines | Study predicts voting laws will change political landscape | Early-voting states continue jockeying for position

Colorado: Court to hear case this week over Denver's mail-in ballots | Fort Collins weighs ways to boost voter participation | Election equipment to be tested Tuesday

Florida: Palm Beach County considers $1M fix for vote counting delays | Modernizing Palm Beach County elections | Cities scramble to schedule for new primary date

Illinois: New digital maps help voters

Maine: Opponents of same-day registration mobilize, draw criticism | Same-day registration increases turnout, studies say | State tells students: Register your car in Maine, or don't vote here

Maryland: Mount Airy considering election changes

Massachusetts: Court won't hear argument over ballot substitution

Michigan: Absentee ballots found in storage closet

Montana: Missoula County official warns inactive voters won't get mail ballots

Nevada: Millers asks Nevada Supreme Court to intervene in redistricting case

New Hampshire: Presidential primary dates on the move

New York: Questions raised about forged ballot

Ohio: Husted: Betras not competent for elections board

Oregon: Clackamas County upgrades to greener voting technology

South Carolina: Audit of election results cites problems in Oconee County

Tennessee: Election officials praise Tennessee voter ID law | State checking for noncitizen voters

Texas: Supreme Court throws out judgement on electronic voting machines | Supreme Court rules Dallas County's appeal in fight over voting machiens is 'moot' | Medina County delays shift to paperless balloting

West Virginia: Voting precincts gear up for special election | Polls open for election day | Secretary of state says everyone has a role in fair special election | First time retail liquor legal on election day | Tennant assures legal election

Wisconsin: Fee waiver pushed for copies of birth certificates