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October 18, 2011

National News: Military voting on the rise

California: Some Palo Alto voters get San Jose ballots in election mixup

Colorado: PitCo to release a handful of ballots | Marks granted access to Pitkin County ballots

Florida: Miami-Dade commissioner aims to combat voter fraud | Assistant supervisor of elections earns designation | Florida early voting bill

Indiana: Early voting makes casting ballot more convenient | County commissioner suggests combining election precincts to save money

Kentucky: Secretary of state candidates clash on issues

Louisiana: Early voting hugely successful | Secretary of state race not for the meek of heart | Schedler, Tucker continue duel | Election official's letter raises questions | Secretary of state candidates debate | Candidates spar on TV appearance

Maine: Maine ACLU calls on secretary of state to apologize to students

Minnesota: St. Paul ready to give ranked voting its first try | Federal election assistance deadlines extended

Missouri: Senate deadlocks over eliminating primary

New Jersey: Pennsauken GOP wants election officials working for Dem candidates removed

New York: New electronic voter guides | Law recounts prisoners in New York | Snafu trips up voters

North Carolina: Orange County will open 4 one-stop early voting locations

Ohio: Defiance County elections board announces extended hours | Mamma Mia! Not enough workers at polls?

Rhode Island: Voter registration forms may change

South Dakota: Savings touted in end to bilingual polling rules

Tennessee: Clerks issue free photo ID cards | Precicnts move for 2012

Virginia: Elections board to Virginians: Voter cards are in the mail

Washington Ruling brings release of Ref. 71 signers' names

West Virginia: Early voting option still popular in area

Wisconsin: State lawmakers pressed to move fall primary to August | Lawmaker wants to change the rules for recalls