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November 8, 2011

National News: Will new ID laws turn away some voters? | Civil rights monitors sent to five states for elections

California: $12,400: That's how much SJ County spends per month to store seldom-used elections equipment | Federal election workers to monitor county polling places | San Francisco election results could come quickly

Colorado: Aspen council discusses legal issues surrounding requests to view ballots

Connecticut: Online voting on minds of lawmakers | Election Day bake sales back | Weary registrars work through power issues | Power outages prompt polling place changes | Storms alter voting plans in Connecticut

Florida: Sen. Hays says proof-of-citizenship isn't necessary to register to vote | In sleepy city elections, mail ballots rule | Election officials encourage 18-year-olds to register to vote | Indian River County spreads word about polling place change | City council to address proposal to move city elections

Georgia: Opinions differ on new laws effects on voter turnout

Illinois: Asian Indians to gain election help

Indiana: Election to cost less due to limited voter eligibility | Vote centers changes election day tactics | 3 Indy polls delayed in opening | Long line as early balloting ends in Indy | More precincts for Tippecanoe County | Election preps months in the making

Iowa: Absentee ballots down from 2009

Maine: Mainers can register to vote on this Election Day | Question 1, a warm-up for 2012?

Michigan: Workers arrive at Pontiac polling center

Minnesota: Felony illegal voting charges dropped for Mapleton Man

Mississippi: Election officials squabble over replacing voting | State prepares for general election | Election officials hope for no hitches

Montana: High mail-in ballot turnout

New Jersey: Gloucester County election officials set for big day

New Mexico: Cases prompt closer scrutiny of voter rolls | Making a difference: Poll workers at heart of democracy

New York: Optical-scan voting machines get another test

North Carolina: Board of elections problems mishandling of absentee ballots

Ohio: Election to cost county $100K | Poll workers receive last-minute training | Lucas County BOE fixes problems before Election Day | Secretary of state sets up mobile office on OU campus

Oklahoma: Washington County election board receives new ballot machines

Oregon: Oregon pioneers iPads as vote-recording machines | Voting with iPads: Idea whose time is coming?

Pennsylvania: Some people cast their votes in unlikely places | City elections lack on-campus polling site | Suitable polling places not easy to find

South Carolina: SC's new voter ID law could hit GOP seniors | Analysis shows South Carolina's new voter ID law could affect affluent Republican seniors

South Dakota: Gant aims for more transparency

Tennessee: Special Saturday hours make it easier to get photo IDs | Camaraderie campaign: Poll workers catch up while they help out

Texas: Harris County clerk says everything's good to go for Election Day

Virginia: Election Day in Staunton, Waynesboro and Augusta County | Valley voting confusion day before Election Day | Voter fraud concerns arised in Dan River region | Virginia polling places prepare for voters

Washington: Poll workers still busy with all-mail voting | Computer 'hiccup' blamed for 11K unmailed ballots | 21K voters may not have received ballots | Election officials: Don't give ballot to strangers