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November 10, 2011

National News: Mixed results on voter restrictions | Military, overseas voting tech gets boost from grants | Voting technology grants awarded

Arizona: Reactions to first all mail-in ballot

California: S.F. ranked-choice voting hurts progressive backers | Officials seek solutions to boost Solano voter turnout | Hundreds of Monterey County votes disappeared | Ranked-choice voting too complicated for some | Mail-in ballots post huge gain in San Mateo County | Chopper helps Riverside County in tallying votes

Colorado: CU to add voter registration to student portal | 7 percent of 'inactive' voters returned ballots in Boulder County

Connecticut: Problems getting tallies from three voting machines | Recount to be held on Tuesday

Florida: State investigating four more election violations | Election bill defeated

Georgia: Elections board at stalemate, appointment with judge next up

Indiana: Bloomington vote count delayed for a second day | Judge to rule on White's motion to dismiss next week | Tipp. County election day vote center card wasn't properly closed

Kentucky: Possible voting fraud in Kentuckiana will be investigated | Few snags reported at polls

Maine: Portland still counting ballots in mayoral race

Michigan: Cooke not showing evidence for voter fraud

Minnesota: Ranked voting in St. Paul: Mostly trouble-free, with a few quirks | Ranked voting gets first runoff test | 'Argument' between voter and election judge breaks out | Election judge reflects on overseeing voting process

Mississippi: Lawsuit over long lines withdrawn | Kemper County election officials question votes in House race

Missouri: County consolidates polling places

Montana: Kalispell holds first mail-in election | Ballots still being counted from Laramie election

New Jersey: Jersey City special election won't be certified until at least Monday | Warren County officials not concerned about election machine malfunctions | 84-year-old voter suffers 'minor' head injury in fall at polling location

New Mexico: Secretary of state says voter records' review found dead people eligible to vote

New York: Westchester voting machines seized; many ballots uncounted | County impound locks down voting machines | Voting machine troubles delay vote counts | Data from missing card overturns Hoosick race | Voting technology frustrates Ontario County officials | New ballots make write-in candidates more viable | Genesee board of elections had an uneventful night

Ohio: Why were election results delayed in Franklin County | Poll worker surrenders to authorities

Oregon: Oregon iHappy with iPad voting

Pennsylvania: Election errors to be discussed during Erie County review

South Carolina: Computer glitch changes totals, not outcome

Texas: Dems challenge GOP lawmaker to back up voter ID claim | Elections will still be in May

Utah: St. George pushes for count of remaining ballots

Virginia: August County electoral board verifies 'inch by inch' | Two elections may lead to recounts | Montgomery County registrar: Ballot problems minor | Confusion reigns at the polls | Montgomery County, state leaders react to election problems | Montgomery County registrar won't be investigated by state board of elections

Wisconsin: Elections board reverses itself on tech school IDs to vote | New voter ID law education session offered | Mock election held to test voter ID