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Aug 11, 2010

Colorado: Mail-in election gets voter approval  |  Boulder County tallies record number of ballots  |  Mail-in ballots show popularity in positive returns

Connecticut: 17-year olds vote in first election  |  Farrell faces Merrill for secretary of state

Florida: Absentee ballots returned to sender

Georgia: Floyd County commission authorizes use of bar-code scanners for elections  |  Poll official finds ways to keep busy despite low turnout

Indiana: 2500 register to vote online

Louisiana: Voter confusion expected for primary

Maine: Defeated candidate seeks voter education

Maryland: New absentee ballot system for Md.

Minnesota: Split ticket not allowed in primary  |  Voting continues through power outage  |  Hot races, hot polling places  |  Heat and humidity may affect ballots  |  Sealed 2008 ballots to stay sealed  |  KTSP to appeal ruling  |  Minnesota holds primary in August for first time  |  Election workers, voters brave heat for civic duty

Missouri: County clerk 'stumbled into' side career as international election observer

New York: Fear new voting machines will confuse voters  |  Scanning your ballot on election day  |  A vote for big changes at the NYC board of elections  |  Bloomberg abandons nonpartisan push

Ohio: Cuyahoga County told to print bilingual ballots or be sued  |  Lemley is new board of elections director

Pennsylvania: Lawsuit settled in Lincoln U voting flap

Tennessee: Shelby County DA asks TBI to investigate election  |  Election administrator clarifies early voting totals  |  Computer snafu holds some up at polls

Texas: Gregg election system updated  |  Boerne man told to foot city's bill for election challenge