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Aug 13, 2010

Technology News: DNC uses open source software to ease voter registration

Alabama: Yates sues over absentee election funds

Connecticut: Suffolk voter registrar resigns

Florida: Jackson County now has three early voting sites

Maryland: Elections board shores up voter registration rolls with better oversight, technology

Mississippi: Program helps military voters with upcoming elections

New Mexico: Clerks office sure none registered in 1801 voted in election

New York: Hands-on training for new voting machines  |  Dutchess legislators OK charges for elections

North Carolina: Judge's departure means one more election

North Dakota: Secretary of state pays too much overtime

Ohio: Bilingual ballots could be coming to Cleveland  |  Elections board might not renew state association membership

South Dakota: SD helps military personnel overseas vote

Tennessee: Dem leaders prepare for legal challenge  |  Anderson officials to review election results  |  Stand-off on Shelby County voting numbers  |  Election commission, staff to examine results

Texas: Testimony continues in election lawsuit  |  County commissioners vote to expand voting hours  |  County commission approves changes to early voting sites  |  County to apply for HAVA compliance funds

Washington: Privacy upheld, money saved without ballot envelope 'secrecy-flap'

West Virginia: Harrison County clerk rallies youth to prepare for election

Wisconsin: Officials dispute reliability of Waukesha's election data system