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Aug 25, 2010

Alabama: County considers change to New Waverly polling place

Arizona: Election official: Every vote counted  |  Problems at the polls  |  Deschene wins Democratic nod for secretary of state

Colorado: Voting on how to vote, again  |  Aspen narrows in on how voters will vote

Connecticut: Hearing finds registrar fired with no evidence

District of Columbia: Council committee already knocked down idea of unaffiliated voters

Florida: Audit to help decide two very close races  |  Elections chief rolls to victory in primary  |  Glitches were few during primary  |  Three polling places report minor problems, voting not affected  |  Only a few glitches for area primary  |  Suspicious package closes Brevard precinct  |  Early voters outnumber election day ballots for first time  |  Snipes neglects to tell voters about polling place change  |  'Elections happen by magic'  |  Rain keeps voter turnout low, secretary of state says no problem with elections  |  Four Palm Beach voters given wrong ballots  |  A few glitches reported as Floridians vote

Iowa: Electronic election book touted in Scott County  |  Kline, Mauro kick off promotion of electronic poll book

Kansas: Jackson County voter fraud lawsuit filed

Maine: Portland authorizes immigrant voting vote

Maryland: Early voting comes to Maryland

Michigan: Costs mount as recall moves ahead

Minnesota: Olmstead attorney finds six felons voted illegally in 2008

Missouri: After losing by three votes, candidate sues

New Hampshire: Clerks extend hours for primary deadline

New York: Election watch: Voting on a new machine  |  Village makes voting changes

North Carolina: Ex-candidate accused of voting twice  |  Sunday early voting approved for Pitt

Ohio: No agreement reached on bilingual ballots

Pennsylvania: Country Place changes mind on hosting polling place

Rhode Island: Cranston canvassers question voting applications

Tennessee: Penuel fired for error  |  Shelby County Democrats file new lawsuit challenging election

Texas: Allegations of voter fraud in Harris County

Vermont: Democratic governor's race becomes a three-way contest  |  Gibbs wins GOP primary for secretary of state

West Virginia: 1863 law, special election halt W.Va. liquor sales

Wisconsin: Former ACORN worker convicted of election fraud