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Aug 26, 2010

Arizona: County still tallying votes  |  Pima County counting last minute absentee ballots  |  Phoenix area storms delay election results  |  Vote count may drag into weekend

Arkansas: Early voters must use machines in Sebastian County

California: Effort underway to switch Chico election to June  |  Bill allowing voters to verify ballots sent to governor

Colorado: Aspen changes course on voting system  |  Denver lawyer stumps for state secretary job  |  On Aspen's November ballot, IRV vs. runoff elections

District of Columbia: New voting machines get final test before early voting begins  |  No registering as Democrat on day of election

Florida: Technical issues delay vote count  |  Heavy rains delayed voted count in Hillsborough  |  Despite rain delay, votes get counted in time  |  Volusia elections office tasked with 2 recounts  |  Poll workers protest over pay

Georgia: Reactions on voter ID ruling falling along party lines  |  State investigates alleged voter fraud  |  Cobb asked to retain retiring elections chief at $800 per day

Indiana: Warrick County may soon have satellite voting  |  Rejection of satellite voting stirs frustration

Maryland: Early voting comes to Maryland

Michigan: Candidates for secretary of state crisscross state

Minnesota: Voter registration status available online

New Jersey: Judge rejects motion to dismiss vote fraud charges

New York: New voting system gets mixed reviews

Ohio: Adding early voting hours divides board  |  Negotiations on Spanish-language voting materials continues  |  No agreement announced as talks end  |  No criminal activity in primary website crash

Oklahoma: Oklahoma was among first in U.S. to allow women's voting rights

Rhode Island: Man cleared to vote after filing new signatures

Tennessee: Democrats ask court to void August election  |  Firing vote may have broken law

Texas: County considered for one-stop polls

West Virginia: Routine test for election personnel  |  Several counties struggle to find poll workers for special election