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Aug 27, 2010

National News: Penny-pinching at the polling place

Overseas News: States struggle to comply with absentee ballot rules for military voters

California: Lengthy ballot cost voters time and money  |  Bill to ease voting for college students sent to governor

Connecticut: No irregularities found in audit  |  Greenwich registrar recommends audit of absentee ballots

District of Columbia: Watch for the lawyers in D.C. primary

Florida: Elections boss seeks new site  |  As voting-by-mail grows in popularity, some worry about effect  |  DeLand to investigate election

Indiana: Counties to lobby for voter funding  |  Hill calls for satellite voting

Maryland: Md. withdraws military voting act waiver request

Minnesota: Fair booth lets ovters check their registration

New Jersey: Judge won't dismiss ballot fraud charges

New Mexico: Secretary of state denies wrong-doing

New York: Nassau County displays new optical scanner voting machines  |  New voting machines to be used in Sept. 14 primary  |  Paper ballots making a comeback  |  Camillus moves village election  |  Planner wants Knapp's job as election chief

Rhode Island: Residents cleared to vote in primary

Tennessee: Program to engage students in election day  |  Marion elections chief defrauded county  |  Election panel to revisit firing

Texas: Fire destroys Harris County voting machines

Utah: Cache ending mail-in voting

Vermont: Vermont vote reporting messy

West Virginia: County begins preparation for general election