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Sep 02, 2010

National News: Foreclosures could cause trouble on election day

Arkansas: Election cost dispute continues

California: San Joaquin County looking at absentee-only voting ballots  |  County, postal service nearing deal on ballots

Colorado: Most counties deny Marks ballot inspection

Connecticut: Bysiewicz joins secretaries in declaring September National Voter Registration Month

District of Columbia: Voting card error affects 7,500 voters

Florida: Sheffield not satisfied with recount

Georgia: Former sheriff being investigated for voter fraud

Guam: Ballot tabulators being tested

Hawaii: Absentee ballots printed incorrectly

Iowa: Mauro lauds new voting process

Kansas: Newby reappointed as chief of Johnson County elections  |  Arizona fame propels Kobach's Kansas hopes

Maryland: Early voters can start casting ballots on Friday  |  State officials push early voting  |  Voters cool to early option?

Massachusetts: County clerk lays blame for ballot snafu

Michigan: Holly resident is candidate for secretary of state

Minnesota: Continuing 2008 election fall-out

Montana: Secretary encourages eligible voters to get registered this month

Nevada: Online voter registration now available in Clark County

New York: Primaries to test new voting machines  |  Nassau County introduces new voting machines

Ohio: Election board to rethink voting site  |  Cuyahoga elections board agrees to limited bilingual ballots

Texas: Harris County plans for electronic voting  |  Tax assessor, non profits spar over Harris County voter rolls

West Virginia: Officials canvas primary votes  |  Mineral consolidating precincts for fall election