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Sep 11-13, 2010

Alabama: Federal judge hears early arguments in Voting Rights suit  |  Alabama Supreme Court sides with former secretary of state

Arizona: County says 7 people tried to vote twice in last election  |  New immigration debate focuses on voting rights

California: New federal probe targets scandal-ridden suburb  |  County voting strictly by mail weighed  |  Final cost of special election: $750K

Connecticut: Plymouth election audit shows few problems

District of Columbia: DC jail inmates cast their ballots  |  Gray supporters accused of luring voters to polls with gift cards

Florida: Candidate sues Dent over recount refusal  |  Theresa LePore, full-time volunteer

Illinois: Dispure over early voting on campus moves on--to location

Indiana: Satellite vote centers eyed for '11

Iowa: Elections watchdog group sees problem with voter rolls in 7 Iowa counties

Maryland: Little interest shown for early voting  |  What does early voting cost us?  |  In Harford, more than 3,200 vote early

Minnesota: Secretary of state candidate touts election reform  |  Severson wants ID at the polls

New York: Voting machines to be tested in primary election  |  In primaries, casting a ballot without pulling a lever  |  New ballots bring new complications to New York  |  Anticipating confusion with new voting system, lawyers group offers election-day hotline  |  Officials ready for primary

Ohio: Brunner answers election board complaints

Oklahoma: State question 746 to bring voter ID issue to voters

Tennessee: Election commission filed point-by-point rebuttal to litigants  |  'We failed' Meigs election administrator on probation

Texas: Houston scrambles after blaze that destroyed voting machines  |  Houston voting irregularities could impact November election  |  County looks at election chief outside of politics  |  Lawsuit filed over special election

Wisconsin: Decision on ranked-choice voting looms  |  Two Western Wisconsin men charged with voter fraud