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Sep 18-20, 2010

National News: Early bird gets the vote?

Arkansas: Students learning about election process

California: State online voter registration still years off

Colorado: Garfield's voting machines ready for election day

Connecticut: Dems, GOP spar over special election

District of Columbia: Justice Dept. reaches deal with District on military voting

Florida: Review finds dead, felons on voter rolls  |  Thousands of dead people, felons still on Florida voter rolls  |  Supervisor of elections' new office in jeopardy  |  Election mail to Jackson deceased angers relatives  |  Treasure Coast elections offices putting ballots in mail

Hawaii: Confusion mars elections  |  Hundreds of Maui voters placed in wrong district  |  Election officials report few problems

Illinois: Election judges still needed

Indiana: Effort for Warrick satellite vote site appears dead  |  Push begins for vote centers

Iowa: Satellite voting sites to remain the same

Kansas: Secretary of state announces election initiatives

Louisiana: Common Cause criticizes election procedures  |  Two city polling places moved

Maine: What is ranked-choice voting

Maryland: Plan to speed up Prince George's vote count slowed process

Minnesota: Revamped voting procedures begin today for general election  |  Ritchie unveils new online 'peace of mind' tool for absentee ballots

New York: Residents react to new voting machines

North Carolina: Study calls N.C. among best at protecting voters  |  Voting 'pre-registration' begins this week  |  Buncombe County BOE declines to move voting site

Ohio: Lawsuit seeks end to Cuyahoga voters' advantage on vote-by-mail

Oklahoma: Ballot measure would require voter ID

Tennessee: Election commission, Dems prepare for trial over election  |  Election commissioners want state to lookin into new voting law

Texas: Voting machine fire remains a mystery

Utah: Weber State early votign to open to Davis residents

Vermont: GOP secretary of state candidate falls asleep, crashes car

West Virginia: Six: Ballot rulings could be costly  |  Online voting begins for military, overseas

Wisconsin: Alderwoman rebuts claim of hitting poll worker with car