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Oct 07, 2010

Alaska: Detours challenge voters in one precinct

Arkansas: Election costing county

California: County's mail-in ballots will cost $.61

Colorado: Pot suit set for day ballots go out

District of Columbia: D.C. Council wanted too much at once, says top election official  |  Professor explains how system was hacked

Florida: Election supervisor fears Amendment 4 passage

Guam: Feds use Guam, U.S. territory's election officials

Indiana: Posey County voters receive absentee ballots by mistake  |  Could scandal swing secretary of state race?  |  No satellite voting at Ball State again

Iowa: Challenger pushes for Iowa voter ID  |  Absentee ballot requests inundate Scott County, state election offices

Maryland: ACLU watches Somerset election  |  Early votes tallied earlier

Michigan: Jocelyn Benson: Preserve voter rights  |  Ruth Johnson: Efficiency, cost cuts key

New Jersey: Residents who move due to foreclosure must notify election officials to vote

New Mexico: Herrera says she's cleaned up secretary of state office  |  Fired PIO: Herrera tried to use him against GOP

New York: Interview with disgruntled elections coordinator  |  Will election workers skew Friday job stats?

North Carolina: New online absentee system voting ballots ease process for local troops

North Dakota: Secretary of state candidates debate

Ohio: Cuyahoga County: Struggle to keep track of 'vanished voters'  |  Wanted: College students to be poll workers  |  Secretary of state candidates say they'll improve elections

South Carolina: Absentee ballot issues in Florence County

Tennessee: Sides in election suit agree on cause, not effect

Virginia: City forced to change voting precincts

Washington: Online voter registration rises

West Virginia: Parking arranged for early Kanawha voters

Wyoming: All systems go: Natrona County tests voting machines