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Oct 16-18, 2010

National News: How early voting is changing elections  |  Preparing for a fight over write-in ballots

Overseas News: Absentee ballots mailed late to overseas voters

Alabama: DA probes into Wilcox voter fraud  |  Polling places have changed around the county

California: Steps taken to stop snafus  |  Undeliverable ballots cost the county money

Colorado: Secretary of state Buescher hires director despite freeze

Florida: Elections supervisor Kathy Dent may not run again  |  Lake County election official test voting equipment  |  Supervisor of elections office and McDonald's partner for greater voter awareness  |  Brevard County gears up for the election despite downsizes  |  New technology makes early voting even faster

Illinois: Illinois race turns to voting concerns  |  Elections board: Fewer than 2,900 overseas ballots mailed late  |  Ex-elections official still owes victim  |  RI clerk candidates look to restore voter trust  |  Court action delays ballots  |  Polling places pop up on campus

Indiana: Gary loses precincts

Kansas: Immigration heats up race for secretary of state

Maine: Ensuring the right to vote for the blind

Maryland: Early votes might be counted earlier

Michigan: Runner Benson approaches secretary race like a marathon  |  Absentee balloting frozen after cadidate's death

Nevada: Voting booth returns to Dessler

New Jersey: GOP takes issue with placement on mail-in ballot

New Mexico: Error omits candidate from ballot  |  Allegations against incumbent could help GOP win secretary seat  |  Scandal clouds secretary of state race

New York: Many villages may switch to paper ballots for March elections  |  Orleans eletions official says new voting machines working fine  |  Overseas voters get more time, NYC voters get more info

North Carolina: Elections chief says 'no conspiracy' in voting machine glitch  |  Some experience early voting woes  |  In instant-runoff voting, your third vote's the charm

Oklahoma: Voter ID, term limits are hot issues

South Carolina: Election officials explain absentee voting

South Dakota: Election evolution

Texas: Harris County early voting  |  Last minute preps before early voting  |  Dallas County voting machines case appealed to Supreme Court  |  Election infrastructure normal as early voting begins  |  Harris County rocks the vote, costly fire not included  |  Public urged to vote early, starting today  |  Cadidates disagree on voter ID

West Virginia: Special election cost county $100K

Wisconsin: Ex-worker pleads guilty to voter fraud  |  Special election to replace Falk could cost $300K