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Oct 21, 2010

Alabama: Berry charged with voter fraud, perjury  |  Absentee voter fraud investigation opened

Alaska: State segregates 17 Homer ballots  |  Write-in candidate list mistakenly posted in voting booths

Arizona: In Arizona, illegal immigrants, felons and multi-state residents vote unabated

Colorado: Judge won't reinstate 6, 000 purged voters  |  Routt County must copy ballots after error  |  Routt County voters express trust after ballot error  |  Stripped by electioneering law

Connecticut: GOP chair alleges vote fraud

Florida: It's the law: Election ballots must be printed in two languages  |  Voters trying to beat the crowd end up in one  |  County moving polling place from church with 'vote for Jesus' sign  |  Early voters can get flu shots

Idaho: Changes you need to know before Election Day

Illinois: Board of elections and DOJ in talks over overseas ballots

Indiana: Election 101: Poll workers get training  |  Winstead and Fowler seeking job of clerk

Iowa: Election software developed in Cerro Gordo

Kentucky: Vote fraud in Kentucky  |  Officials watching for voter fraud

Maine: Portland ponders local voting by noncitizens

Maryland: Hyattsville councilmember wants to extend local voting to noncitizens

Massachusetts: Polling place consolidation considered

Minnesota: A bounty for fraud catchers

Nebraska: Secretary of state candidates speak out

New York: Onondaga County saves money by printing its own ballots  |  Election commissioners manage ballot headaches  |  Hornell polling site changed  |  Oops: November ballot is out of order

North Carolina: Runoff system draws fire  |  Elections board hears polling place squabble

North Dakota: As many as 40 percent of Burleigh County voters may cast ballot early

Ohio: Columbus attorney appointed to review absentees  |  Candidates focus on business, elections and reapportionment

Oklahoma: No problem for state military ballots

Oregon: About 1,000 Portland voters receive wrong ballot  |  Ballot delay will be investigated

Pennsylvania: Polling place changes approved

Rhode Island: Secretary of state race: Mollis cites business-friendly office  |  Secretary of state race: Taylor seeks transparency

South Carolina: Republican officials criticize Beaufort election official for complaining about application glut

Tennessee: Way to cast ballot changes again

Texas: Paperless voting to continue for a while  |  Election officials breaking in ePollbooks

Virginia: Ex-official sends letter of complaint about email

Washington: Emailed overseas ballots under fire in Washington