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Oct 28, 2010

Technology News: Hacking the vote  |  The current state of voting machines

Overseas News: Military ballot deadline missed  |  Justice Dept. touts overseas ballot enforcement

Alabama: Ethics complaint filed against county voter registrar chairwoman

Alaska: Poll workers can't provide write-in help  |  Alaska high court: Voters may see write-in list  |  Christine Tietjen finds rewarding nice as poll worker

Arizona: Maricopa County: Political t-shirts unwelcome  |  Secretary of state skeptical over voter fraud claims  |  Election night just the beginning for counties with piles of early ballots

California: Registrar's office: Counting won't take as long this time  |  Will ranked choice voting change the election?  |  The future of voting in LA might include instant runoff voting  |  Many votes, many headaches

Colorado: Councilman first to detect ballot mix-up  |  Boulder County: 'Human error' caused ballot language mix-up  |  Mayor Ireland to vote to repeal instant runoff voting

Florida: Supervisor launches anti-negative ad commercial  |  Lines grow longer for PBC early voters

Georgia: Kemp issues statement following Arizona court ruling

Idaho: Worker reassigned from election duty after mistake

Illinois: Officials scramble to send out vote-by-mail ballots

Indiana: Voter ID law still in effect  |  Complaint filed iwth election board over voting site scuffle  |  Clerk: Power outage shows usefulness of vote centers

Iowa: Schultz wants photo ID at polls

Kansas: Kansas GOP candidates like proof of citizenship requirement, Arizona court does not

Maine: Clerks gear up for busy absentee voting

Massachusetts: Galvin says he declined debate because it would take too long  |  Galvin faces challenge for secretary post  |  Vote and get a flu shot

Michigan: It's experience vs. passion in secretary of state race

Mississippi: Tension high for election officials  |  Secretary of state making the rounds as election nears  |  Judicial write-in voting upheld

Nevada: Secretary of state calls voter fraud allegations unsubstantiated  |  Audit resolves questions of irregularities

New Hampshire: Attorney general warns of election scam

New Mexico: Computer glitch interrupts early voting  |  Early voting returns after malfunction  |  Secretary of state's computer problems send some clerks scrambling

New York: New voting machines ready for first big test  |  How to be proactive with the new voting system

North Carolina: Voters question election official about possible machine glitch  |  Poll observers upset voters  |  Orange County early voting running smoothly despite all the yelling at the polls

North Dakota: State works to accommodate delayed military ballots

Ohio: Ohio county prepping for any possible glitches  |  Cuyahoga County bilingual election cost over $80K

Pennsylvania: Ballot war raging in Bucks  |  Proposal to ban guns at polls withdrawn

South Carolina: Numbers suggest South Carolina could set record for early voting

South Dakota: Food for vote flap draws calls for integrity

Texas: Texans casting far more early votes than 2006  |  Are poll watchers crowding some locations, ignoring others  |  County officials, voting machines ready for Election Day

Utah: Voting machines left unattended at poll site

Vermont: Stenger backs Gibbs in race for secretary

Virginia: Voting delays at the polls expected  |  Richmond registrar warns about possible voter scam

West Virginia: Judge refuses to allow man charged with murder to vote

Wisconsin: Early ballots overwhelming for some clerks