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Oct 29, 2010

National News: Concerns grow about election fraud and voter intimidation  |  DOJ prepares for Election Day

Technology News: Paperless voting a concern this election, say watchdogs

Alabama: Legislators weigh-in on registrar controversy  |  Election official says no delay in Tuesday's vote

Alaska: Supreme Court grants oral arguments in write-in list controversy  |  Supreme Court asked to ban write-in candidate list  |  Alaska mails more than 30K absentee ballots  |  Senate write-in candidates flood elections office

Arizona: Secretary of state speaks on voter fraud rumors

California: Voters say they didn't want to register as Republicans  |  Investigators probe possible voter fraud  |  Ranked choice voting in place

Colorado: Routt County caught up on ballot copying

Connecticut: Residents report concerns about possible voter scam

Florida: Feds ready to handle voting abuses  |  Who will be the brains behind the ballot in 2011?  |  Delay may spawn dilemma at polls  |  Absentee voting even when he doesn't want to

Idaho: U.S. Attorneys will field election-day complaints  |  Write-in may clog counts

Illinois: Low student turnout, high costs for early campus voting  |  Write-in campaigns mean more time to count ballots  |  Glitch in vote-by-mail applications may disenfranchise voters

Indiana: Candidate Charlie White faces new allegation of campaign violation

Iowa: Campaign countdown: Secretary of state candidates

Kansas: Kobach, Biggs spar over voter registration records  |  Ethics complaint filed against secretary of state candidate  |  Amendement 2 aims to protect voting rights  |  U.S. Attorney to monitor election complaints in Kansas

Maine: Clerks gear-up for write-in ballots

Massachusetts: Poll workers ready for big turnout

Minnesota: 'I.D. Me' group to test polling place law  |  Vote fraud debate escalates loudly

New Hampshire: Internet voting complaints still coming in

New Mexico: Police investigate alleged voter registration fraud

New York: Voters are encouraged to report any problems with machines  |  Board of elections: Ballots will have correct candidates  |  Bedbugs force relocation of voting site  |  Rockland elections board makes changes  |  Flawed ballot could confuse voters, experts say  |  U.S. Attorney's office to oversee election fraud complaints

North Carolina: GOP threaten suit over voting machines  |  GOP says voting machines are faulty  |  Elections board dismisses GOP concerns  |  Election workers fired after speaking to WITN  |  Judicial ballot count changed by elections board

North Dakota: Secretary of state race heats up as election nears  |  Spirit Lake Nation polling sites set

Oregon: Ballot sort begins in anticipation of Election Day

Pennsylvania: Bucks election board to hear GOP allegations of absentee voter fraud by Democrats  |  County residents raise concerns about privacy on absentee ballot requests

South Carolina: Skeptics say voting machines may not be reliable  |  Election commission comments on voting machine concerns

Tennessee: 25 prisoners escorted to elections office to vote after slip-up

Texas: S.A. lawyer credited with voting rights victory  |  Election workers claim police harassed them

Vermont: Condos accuses Gibbs of tea pary membership  |  Gibbs: Condos claim 'absurd'

Washington: Future elections may see ballots redone  |  New ballot envelopes pose no great risk to voters' privacy  |  Spencer challenges vote handling

West Virginia: Vote tallying machine repaired  |  Secretary of state clarifies Berkeley County council race voting

Wisconsin: More than 12K voters don't match  |  Voters to see procedure change at polling place