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Nov 02, 2010

National News: Scattered snags reported in midterm balloting  |  Electronic voting machine problems raise early concerns  |  Voting goes smoothly, drama expected during counting

Alabama: Election officials make sure every vote is counted despite ballot issues  |  Pencils causing problems for some voters

California: Absentee ballots 'smudge' snafu needs erasers  |  Counties report smooth voting so far  |  SD registrar says voting running smoothly  |  Oakland voters flock to the polls, struggle with ranked-choice voting  |  LA County: Voting inspector in jail? No. But deceased candidate is truly in the running  |  Rancho Cucamonga polling place without ballots on election morning

Delaware: O'Donnell campaign rallying violates election code

District of Columbia: Watermain break halts electronic voting at Brookland elementary school  |  Democracy can be hard

Florida: Election Day armed guards greet voters at some Lee County polls  |  Early voting not for everybody--some like the tradition of Election Day  |  Despite sign gitch at Boynton precinct, most report voting is 'smooth'

Georgia: Voting glitch caused 20 minute delay

Hawaii: Polls openwith little difficulty, voting underway

Idaho: Photo ID requirement may slow voting process

Illinois: Incorrect ballots might have gone out in La Grange

Louisiana: Steady turnout, few glitches characterize Election Day in Louisiana so far

Maryland: Montgomery County firefighters intimidate voters  |  Voting machine glitch worries GOP candidate  |  Voting steady in Washington County with no glitches reported

Minnesota: Minor problems reported with counting machines  |  Long lines were the story of the morning  |  Voting machine failure in Olmstead County

Mississippi: Early problems reported at Mississippi election polls  |  Hosemann's office taking calls for election questions  |  Ballot, voting machine problems vex some voters  |  Jammed voting machine replaced in Gulfport

Missouri: Missouri officials work to resolve election computer glitch  |  Partisan sparring over computer trouble plaguing Missouri's voter database  |  Lack of state database slows voting in Greene County  |  St. Louis County reports a few aggressive Republican 'challengers'  |  Judge: No major problems on Election Day

Montana: Election officials report smooth voting at polls

Nevada: High volunes but smooth sailing in morning voting

New York: Election hiccups  |  E-voting in New York: So far, so good  |  Staten Island voters say new machines are easy to use  |  New Yorkers have no 'major' complaints on voting after primary 'screw-up'  |  Paper ballots hit or miss with voters

North Carolina: Unnamed poll books caused delays in Surry County  |  Democrats: Police checkpoint may have suppressed turnout  |  Wrong ballots issued to 2 New Hanover County precincts  |  High turnout surprises poll official on North College Road  |  Minor problems reoprted during balloting  |  School lockdown highlights reported voting problems

Ohio: In-person voting going smoothly  |  Voting going smoothly in area

Oklahoma: Bryan County voters get bad info

Pennsylvania: New Black Panther Party seen at polling places  |  No-show election judge shuts West View polling place

Rhode Island: Voters encouncter problems at North Providence polling station

Tennessee: Voting underway in Blount County

Texas: Software glitches cuase delays at Collin County polling places  |  Voting fraud claims fly in South Texas  |  Power restored to voting locations  |  Ballot 'bleed-thru' not a problem, election official says  |  Voting machine problems delayed start at Lindale Senior Center  |  Voting running smoothly on Election Day  |  No major snafus reported at polls

Utah: Computer glitch causes problems for some voters in Utah County

Virginia: Officials: Minor problems at polls; voter turnout steady  |  Bedford County voting machine glitches may delay ballot count  |  Electronic poll check-in books debut across Va.  |  Minor glitches, parking problems at polling places

West Virginia: No major issues as WV voters go to polls

Wisconsin: Heavy voter turnout causing problems