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Nov 06-08, 2010

U.S. Virgin Islands: Races unchanged after first count of absentees

Alaska: Murkowski confident with strong write-in count facing Miller challenges  |  Elections chief responds to Miller complaint  |  Division of elections gearing up for write-in count  |  Election official refutes Miller write-in count claim

Arizona: Hispanic group seeks to force provisional ballot count

California: Alleged ballot thief pleads not guilty  |  Workers sift through mountain of Marin ballots  |  Legal move could delay ballot results  |  Perata knew ranked-choice voting posed a problem for him  |  Registrar: Mail-in ballots counted  |  Registrar on hot seat over smudged ballot delay  |  Solano ballot count continues  |  Better communication needed election chief says

Connecticut: Election snaufs may tarnish Bysiewiz's stature  |  Lawmakers will try to fix ballot problem  |  Ballot bungle puts registrars in unaccustomed spotlight

Florida: Voting process has undergone big changes in last 10 years  |  Tale of two counties on election night  |  Palm Beach County faces ever increasing glare, but is it fair?

Idaho: Ysura to tackle absentee ballot rules

Maryland: Frederick election officials receive kudos

Massachusetts: The results may have been typical, but Election Day wasn't

Minnesota: Familiarity with voting machines plays a part in smooth election  |  Students may face felonies over illegal voter vouching  |  Howe win triggers special election  |  Security, emotions high on road to recount  |  Students seek on-campus polling site

Montana: Mills explains error in returns

Nebraska: Teens work at polls

New Jersey: Big jump in mail-in ballots in two counties

New Mexico: Incoming SOS Duran won't abandon Otero County roots  |  Duran talks about plans for office  |  Quintana picked as deputy secretary of state

New York: Monroe County voting machines are audited  |  Error in tally upends Congressional race  |  Election official: System needs to be changed  |  State seeking feedback from voters with disabilities

North Carolina: Election results could change

Ohio: Akron student captures voting booth problems on his iPhone

Pennsylvania: Recalibration of voting machines needed during election  |  Bucks County GOP ends absentee ballot application challenge  |  Bake sales, cramped quarters among few polling place complaints

Rhode Island: Secretary of state candidate Taylor's undoing was Mollis' strength in urban areas  |  Nine candidates ask for recounts

South Carolina: Human error possible cause of voting machine problems

Virginia: DMV voter registration problems

West Virginia: Voters have mixed opinions on special election

Wisconsin: Elections run relatively smoothly  |  No surprises in fall election