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Nov 12, 2010

Alabama: DeKalb County to hold special election

Alaska: Miller strategist alleges voter fraud  |  Miller campaign plans to file suit over alleged voter fraud  |  New help for Miller campaign  |  Miller challenged in wrong court, state says  |  Murkowski camp cries foul in ballot count

Arizona: Appeals court won't force ballot count from citizenship dispute  |  Ballot counting won't be finished by Friday

Arkansas: 66 election ballots turn-up missing

California: The winning strategy in Oakland: Concentrate on being 2nd or 3rd choice  |  Count of provisional ballots begins  |  More than 18K ballots still uncounted

Colorado: State to investigate Sagauche County election  |  Provisional ballots may reverse some election results

Connecticut: Panl to look into ballot shortage

Florida: Box of uncounted absentee ballots could affect 3 races

Kentucky: Three candidates request re-canvassing  |  Recanvass called for in two elections

Louisiana: State Rep. Walker Hines mulling run for secretary of state

Minnesota: Emmer says he won't stretch out the recount  |  Watching the vote counters watch the election  |  County prepared for expected recount  |  County election officials wading into document requests

Missouri: Voting advocates question students' removal from voter lists

Nevada: Supervisors approve vote count

New York: Election Day problems inspire push for fixes  |  More than 10K absentee ballots could hold key in tight race

North Carolina: Madison County voting irregularities investigated  |  Commissioner's slate elections explanation  |  Election survey finds errors on some ballots

Tennessee: Motion to dismiss election count suit filed

Texas: Ortiz seeks funds to help pay for recount

Wyoming: State canvassing board releases Haynes' vote total