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Nov 26, 2010

Alabama: Voting Rights Act still vital, lawyers argue  |  Poll workers checks delayed

Alaska: Murkowski files motion in vote lawsuit  |  Miller criticized for vote fraud allegations

California: Riverside supervisors favor open recruitment of registrar  |  Voting method draws praise, scorn  |  Final Sonoma County votes in  |  Riverside elections office finishes ballot count

Colorado: Saguache County voting machine reviewed

Connecticut: Election results go into the record book  |  Police make arrest in Election Day murder

Georgia: In Glynn County, slow times for poll workers

Hawaii: Delivery of overseas absentee ballots explained  |  Poll workers receive stipened for service to community

Indiana: Election results impounded Wednesday

Iowa: Iowa secretary of state plans to seek re-election

Kentucky: Candidates want election results thrown out  |  Trey Grayson says he won't seek public office in 2011

Massachusetts: Voting officials say they're hamstrung  |  Mellville-Park group pushes to shift polling place

Michigan: Bay County election offiicals schedule second recount

Minnesota: Canvassing board launches recount after debating the rules  |  Felons should be invited to the polls, some election reformers say  |  County will follow secretary of state's direction on recount  |  Recount begins Monday  |  Ballot counters hoped Minnesotans learned their lessons  |  Minnesota recount, the last one, was relatively inexpensive Pew study finds  |  Odd write-in issue surfaces as St. Cloud recount nears

Mississippi: Vote fraud allegations upheld

Nevada: Voting machine age could be an issue

New York: Count continues at county BOE  |  Court to decide Congressional race outcome  |  City BOE sends letter with old voting machine directions

North Carolina: GOP candidate concedes  |  Elections board reviews ballots

Ohio: Tea party head cites flaws with voting machines

Tennessee: Steakley contesting election  |  Photo ID for voting possible this year  |  Convicted felon pleads guilty to casting votes  |  Ballot recount hearing delayed

Texas: Harris County approves purchase of $19M worth of voting machines  |  Recount and damage done, Ortiz concedes

Washington: Machine recount set for December  |  Group seeks to purge alleged 'illegals' from voter rolls, officials say no proof  |  Kitsap County closes the book on 2010 midterm